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Shifting Mindsets and Building Wealth via STR (aka AirBNB)

Cash Flow via vacation rentals, traveling nurses, corporate housing, transitional housing
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Identify your motivations and fears related to real estate investing
Identify the neighborhood characteristics that are important to you
Determine how your ideal guests may impact your choices
Develop a plan to maintain the appropriate mindsets

The local resources and support for short term rental investors may not be as readily available as long term rental investors.  Hence, setting your intent and your mindset as you begin with an innovative, non-traditional strategy is just as important as the how to.  This course focuses on setting mindset and the beginning steps related to residential real estate investments aimed at short term tenants or guests.

Real estate is cyclical.  At any given moment, your preferred strategy may or may not be producing the desired results.  Looking at non-traditional real estate strategies will broaden your options. For new and/or inexperienced investors, this transition requires more than just knowing how-to. 

Shifting Mindsets and Building Wealth via STR (aka AirBNB)
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