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Services Marketing Communication

Services Marketing Communication
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Relevance of Services Marketing Communications
ATL, BTL and TTL Communication Strategy
Various Media Options
Role of Media Reach for Marketing Communications
Types of Advertising in Marketing Communications

It is necessary for establishing and maintaining a service brand through a holistic marketing communication approach.  Helps to align service branding strategy with the overall business goals of the service organization. Helps to find an ideal license partner and helps to ensure focus on long-term relationships. It helps organizations focus on maximizing the leverage of the service brand. Helps to determine whether the license agreement either exclusive or non–exclusive will have important implications for business. Enforcing various important concerns such as quality control and reporting can be done through a properly charted out license agreements. Marketing communication strategy helps  show consumers that the services are associated to licensee’s popular services. Companies must  actively integrate marketing communication into new services launch activities using a clear strategy. The term ‘Below the Line’ is rapidly going out of fashion in marketing circles.

Agencies and clients switch to an 'Integrated Communication Approach’. 'Integrated Communication Approach' is a management concept that is designed to make all aspects of marketing communication like advertising, promotion, public relations etc. work together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation. Setting the objectives is a crucial point of services marketing communications strategy formulation and the objectives that are set should harmoniously gel with the system and the tools afforded by technology and policies.
Also, another important factor to keep in mind while setting objectives is that the services marketing communications strategy objectives should be aligned with the brand’s greater strategic objectives. This is crucial because all channels of a brand operate as part of a greater whole.

Identifying the ways in which there is value-exchange, that is, in what ways are you adding value to the market and your customers and what are you achieving in exchange from the market is a very important part of the services marketing communications strategy.

Services Marketing Communication
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