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The Top SEO Online Course for Beginners

Find out how to optimize your website and achieve the highest findability for your content!
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The core concepts of search engine optimization (SEO)
Keyword research and placement
Long-form SEO content writing
Off-site SEO (backlinks, guest posting, social media sharing)
On-page SEO (internal and outbound linking, meta titles and descriptions)

One of the ways the Internet revolutionized the world was by giving everyone a voice. Both screen time and newspaper pages have certain limits, so voicing your opinion loud and clear was not so easy in the old days. Now, everybody can publish whatever they can think of! However, it’s a two-edged sword: while it’s easier to get your opinion out there, it’s also easier to get lost in the sea of others.

Why we care about findability

There is no use of publishing content that no one will ever find and read. Realizing this, marketers came up with search engine optimization (SEO): a set of techniques to rank higher among the results presented to the user by their preferred search engine. 93 times out of 100, it’s going to be Google.

To get beginners familiar with these concepts, Vishal Singh Jadon and Shubhi Saxena have prepared a great SEO online course. In just three hours, you will find out how to optimize your website so that the users have no trouble finding your content.

Learn SEO from scratch!

Absolutely no prior knowledge or experience is necessary to take this SEO tutorial. You will start with the absolute basics, and move on to the more advanced topics as you go.

This SEO online course consists of five sections (plus the introduction). First, you will learn SEO fundamentals and get to know the core concepts, including but not limited to crawling, indexing, and ranking. You will also get to know the types of SEO and understand their differences. After you get a firm grasp on the theory, you will go on to practice, or actually learning how to optimize your website.

The one SEO online course that covers it all!

Following thirty-eight informative video lectures, you will master the four basic areas of SEO:

  • Keyword research: not only will you learn what keywords are and why you should be using them, but you’ll also get familiar with their types, research tools, and essential metrics.
  • Content writing: the creators of the SEO tutorial will explain how to create your content and how to choose appropriate titles to make your content rank better.
  • On-page SEO: everything you can do within the website itself. You will find out how to create an SEO-friendly URL address, write engaging meta titles and meta descriptions, use internal and external links, and optimize your images.
  • Off-page SEO: everything you can do outside the website, including backlinks, guest posting, social media marketing, and networking.

To give you the biggest advantage possible, we will also be covering a few technical questions in this SEO online course. You will find out how to lower the bounce rate of your website while increasing page speed and dwell time.

Optimizing your content for the search engines will help you make sure the users hear your voice, read your content, find your business or your product. Dedicate just three hours of your day to taking a quality SEO online course and transform your online presence!

The Top SEO Online Course for Beginners
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