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Selling Art Online: Make Money from Photography and Print on Demand

Unleash your creative spirit and discover the best strategies and websites to sell art online
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Ways to monetize your art online, with in-depth coverage of print on demand and stock photography
How to get consistent traffic to your art without paid advertising
How to write powerful metadata (descriptions, tags, titles)
How to use the success formula calculator (provided) to predict your success

Selling art online has become a common practice, with even serious galleries collecting profits from online sales as well. If you are a photographer, a digital art maker, or an enthusiast of non-traditional art (for instance, macaroni art), you might be looking for a way to make some money. 

In this course on learning to sell art online, you will be introduced to the techniques of making money out of your brilliant mind, reflected on a piece of (digital) paper. Specifically, I will be giving a lot of attention to selling stock photography or selling art on print on demand. However, if you want to create different types of art, but struggle to come up with ideas, I will provide you with several options as well. 

Types of art you can make and sell

Of course, one of the most straightforward ways of how to make money with art online is photography. There are tons of sites that will purchase your work. Nevertheless, do not limit your creative soul. For instance, image manipulations are the creation of mashed or mixed pictures. They can help you step out of your comfortable bubble and take your skills to the next level. 

In the business world of today, many businesses aim to stand out amongst their competitors. As a result, there is a market for unique imagery. In this course on how to sell art online, I will also mention the licenses that allow you to use photo content for your image manipulations. In the course, you will find out more options for unleashing the creative spirit and selling art online. 

Selling art online: photography and print on demand art

Learning how to sell art online and make money is not like climbing the Everest mountain. If your artwork is not popular, you might simply need to reevaluate and readjust your strategies. For instance, if you are selling art online, you need to know the purpose that it will serve, and what type of customers it attracts. 

As an example, photography is a big trend right now. Sometimes, you can find the same image on dozens of different websites. With this in mind, remember that people purchase stock photos intending to use them. 

Another possibility of how to make money with art online is the print on art. This type is the exact opposite of stock photos. People purchase print on demand art usually to make themselves happy, to give their home interior some edginess, or to wear a specific phrase on their body. There are many possibilities with the art on demand. You can make various products in small quantities and avoid losing money for the products that could be left unsold. 

In many ways, selling art online is a gift, combining intuition and originality. To grab the attention of potential buyers, you need to have a sense of what might be successful. You do not even need to have excellent drawing or web design skills. Sometimes, all it takes is a good idea. If the cat flipping off can become a global phenomenon, you can learn how to sell art online and make money. 

Selling Art Online: Make Money from Photography and Print on Demand
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