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Comprehensive Selenium WebDriver Tutorial – for Aspiring Ninjas

Learn all the essentials that you need to know build and automation framework from scratch in this very detailed, 39+ hours Selenium WebDriver tutorial
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You'll develop a detailed understanding of Web Automation Frameworks
You'll know the main Selenium WebDriver challenges illustrated with real-world examples
You'll be able to design and implement structured automation frameworks
You'll learn all that you need to perform cross-browser testing with Selenium

Attention, please, all who are looking to learn the latest technologies in the automation industry! Are you interested in getting solid skills in GUI automation using Selenium WebDriver with Java? Perhaps, you also want to discover how Selenium is used in real-world projects? Look no further, because this Selenium WebDriver tutorial is created precisely to guarantee you develop those skills + much, much more. It’s going to be a super-comprehensive and detailed course for anyone from complete novice to advanced in automation frameworks. Hop on, and let’s get the work done. 

Why do you need a Selenium WebDriver tutorial? 

Over the years, the Selenium suite of tools has earned an excellent reputation and popularity in the testing community. Mainly because it’s a leading cross-browser testing mechanism. Testers prefer Selenium for automated web application testing because it supports all web browsers, and that’s why it’s so powerful. Other than that, Selenium is an open-source (which means free) tool with multiple programming language support. It’s easy to integrate with other tools in the DevOps lifecycle, and flexible when designing test cases. The demand for Selenium testers has been steadily growing lately, and their growing salaries is simply a natural consequence of that. 

So, to sum it up, this Selenium WebDriver tutorial will prove beneficial to: 

  • Quality assurance professionals and manual testers who want to start a career in the field of test automation; 
  • Quality assurance automation specialists who wish to improve their skills in test automation; 
  • Fresh graduates with a desire to make a career in software engineering; 
  • Also, to quality assurance team managers. 
What will you be learning in this course? 

If you scroll a little bit upwards from here to view the Curriculum of this course, you’ll notice one thing that stands out from the majority of other Selenium WebDriver tutorials available online: my course is huge! Over 39 hours of quality content divided into 50 sections on different topics. We are going to cover almost everything related to test automation! We’ll cover all the concepts that surround and complement Selenium. 

  • By the end of this course, all the theory and practical tasks will enable you to create an automation framework from scratch using Selenium and other tools. 
  • You need Java for Selenium, so I kept that in consideration, and we will spend a great deal of time learning Java fundamentals for writing automation tests. You don’t need to be an expert in Java – basic knowledge is enough for this Selenium WebDriver tutorial. 
  • We’ll also cover the TestNG framework in great detail, so you feel confident with its setup, annotations, parameters, advanced features, data providers, listeners, etc. TestNG framework is going to be an important part in learning Selenium automation frameworks. 
  • You’ll develop an in-depth understanding of the challenges with Selenium WebDriver, covering real-time examples. 
  • You will practice performing cross-browser testing. 

Awesome added benefits 

Along with the detailed explanations of the essential concepts of Selenium WebDriver and Java for Selenium, you’ll also receive outstanding online support. I make my best answering any answers that my students ask within 24 hours – or, usually, much faster than that, but let’s say it’s 24 hours. You’ll find a bunch of downloadable files with reference material, code files, etc. So, waste no more time on looking for a course – you better use that time wisely and start learning straight away, right at this second! Happy learning – see you in class.

Comprehensive Selenium WebDriver Tutorial – for Aspiring Ninjas
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