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Scapy Tutorial - The Art of Packet Crafting

A Scapy Tutorial on the Art of Packet Crafting and Penetration Testing
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Learn to Craft Packets
Learn New Network Pen-Testing Techniques

With various computer technologies on the constant rise, it can become difficult to maintain a clean and secure network. If you’re a network administrator, you probably know the struggle! Many network admins wander aimlessly in search of the best network testing program, just to eventually hit a wall. However, today you’ve come to the right place - in this Scapy tutorial, I will tell you why it’s the best tool that you can use to not only test, but also fully secure your network!

Scapy Tutorial - Why use Scapy?

Out of all of the available testing tools that you might utilize, why should you use precisely this one? Well, Scapy is a data packet crafting and testing tool that lets you do various multiple things with your data packets. It’s based on Python, which is one of the more prominent reasons why people prefer it over other penetration testing-providing tools.

It is the perfect tool that allows TCP protocol, Firewall, IDS, IPS and penetration testing and - most importantly - packet crafting. Once you start using Scapy, you will not only be able to fully test your network for possible bugs or security issues, but to also find out how DDOSs work, how to prevent them and so on.

Why Choose this Packet Crafting Tutorial?

So - I’ve already told you about why Scapy is as great as it is. But why should you pick this Scapy tutorial to learn it? What’s so special about it that it would stand out of all of the other tens of Scapy courses out there? Well, for starters, you’ll be learning from a Python Scapy tutorial that was created by someone who has over 5 years of experience with bugs and their testing. I know what a struggle it can be to be constantly encountering bugs within your network - it sucks! That’s why this course on packet crafting tools was born out of frustration and a decision to help fellow bug testers and network admins out there!

Furthermore, you will find that this Scapy tutorial is perfectly fit for any and all people wanting to learn how to use Scapy - whether you’re a beginner or an experienced network administrator! As I’ve mentioned earlier, this Scapy tutorial will include everything from TCP protocol to packet crafting tools and penetration testing - all that you can start learning even if you've never dealt with Scapy before! The course is put together in such a manner that would be easy to understand and follow - no more confusion while trying to learn difficult topics!

Who Can Take this Course?

Either you’re interested in applying the knowledge from this Python Scapy tutorial in your network administration job, or simply want to learn something new - this course is for you! Anyone that is interested in how DDOSing, packet crafting and how network security works can find great value within the information provided in this tutorial.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the course has no real requirements - all that you need is a computer to work on a huge passion to learn something new. So, don’t waste any time and start learning packet crafting tools NOW!

Scapy Tutorial - The Art of Packet Crafting
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