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SAP RPA: SAP Automation Basics

Learn to design and run complex automated workflows for SAP
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Learn the most efficient way to create automated workflows and processes for SAP.
Learn how to automate complex processes and how to create robots to run automated workflows in SAP.

During this course, I will show you how to create complex automated workflows and processes for SAP using UI Path, the best RPA tool currently available. All the teaching during this course will happen through practical examples and every exercise we do is designed to make you learn as fast as possible. I guarantee that his course will be the most efficient way for you to learn how to automate SAP.

The structure of the course is the following. We will start with a short intro session about UI Path and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in general. We will quickly go through the most fundamental key concepts of UI Path Studio which is the tool used to design the actual workflows. After this very brief intro, we will create and execute our first automated workflow.

After going through the basics, the rest of the course is solely about going through practical examples how to automate various SAP transactions. The exercises we are doing will gradually become more difficult and we will end our course by designing a relatively complex workflow that creates a custom Excel report by using various inputs from SAP. As you know, SAP does not work in a vacuum and everyone who uses SAP spends a lot of time with Excel. In this course, we will also closely examine how to integrate Excel and SAP when we are designing our workflows.

At the end of the course, we will examine how UI Path’s Robot app is used to trigger the workflows you have designed and how Orchestrator web app can be used to manage and monitor all your robots.

The RPA tool we will be using during this course, UI Path, is currently the industry leader for SAP automation. UI Path provides a free access for their Community Edition that provides all the same features as their full Enterprise package.

Note that his course is not meant to be a comprehensive tutorial about UI Path. Our sole focus will be on discussing how the tool can be best integrated with SAP. In order for you to learn as fast as possible, we will not try to examine every single functionality provided by the tool.

You don’t need to know anything about UI Path prior to this course but I’m assuming that you already have some very basic SAP user experience. But as long as you know how to navigate in SAP through different transactions, you know enough to follow the course without problems. You would also need an access to any SAP test environment in order for you to complete all the exercises done during the course.

The things you will learn during this course will also allow you to automate various other systems and I can promise you that the tricks I will be teaching are going to prove valuable to you during many occasions also outside SAP world. By the end of this course, you will have the skills necessary for creating complex automated processes and potentially saving hundreds of man hours for your organization.

SAP RPA: SAP Automation Basics
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