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SAP QM Quality Management (beginner to advanced level) 2021

Learn SAP QM concepts & practical implementation in step-by-step manner. Become SAP QM consultant and get SAP certified.
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In-depth and extensive knowledge of SAP QM from beginner to advanced level
Become an SAP QM consultant or Quality Control manager
Prepare for SAP QM Certification exam
Overview of QM in the Logistics Supply Chain
Quality Management in Procurement
Quality Management in Production
Quality Management in Sales and Distribution Service
Quality Planning
Quality Inspection
Quality Certificates
Quality Notifications
Quality Control
Test Equipment Management
Stability Study
Audit Management
Implementing QM

SAP QM (Quality Management) is an important application component of business logistics that supports all activities associated with quality planning, quality inspection and quality control within an organization thus allowing the users to implement the most important elements of a quality management system into their operations. It also helps in controlling the creation of quality certificates and manages quality issues with the help of quality notifications. Quality Management is an important asset to warehouse operations, through inspecting incoming material as it arrives at the facility to the final product where the quality of in-process items are checked throughout the manufacturing process. Thus SAP QM (Quality Management) module is a critical functional module that ensures that the quality control processes within an organization follow the highest standards.

SAP QM module can be integrated with other modules of SAP such as Materials Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Sales and Distribution (SD), Financial Accounting (FICO), etc. The integration of SAP quality management module with other SAP modules helps in quality control in these integrated modules.

The important components of SAP QM are:

  • Quality Planning

  • QM in procurement

  • QM in Sales and Distribution

  • QM in batch management

  • Quality certifications

  • Quality notifications

  • Test equipment management

This SAP QM training by Uplatz provides in-depth knowledge of SAP QM module along with demonstration of practical scenarios. The SAP QM course will provide you a solid foundation on QM concepts, system configuration, flow, and implementation of QM in production environment with clear examples executed on the QM server.

By the end of this SAP QM training you will:

  • Acquire the relevant knowledge required to clear the SAP QM certification exam

  • Understand the core concepts of SAP Quality Management module

  • Be able to apply the knowledge learned to progress in your career as SAP QM consultant / manager / end-user

SAP QM course curriculum

  • Basic SAP GUI Navigation

  • Integration of Quality Management in the supply chain – process

  • Insight into QM Functions

  • Potential for Introducing Quality Management in Companies

  • Quality Planning and Inspection

  • Managing QM-specific Basic Data

  • Inspection Planning

  • Quality Inspection Process

  • Quality notification and SAP Business Workflow

  • Quality Management in Logistics

  • Quality Management in Discreet Manufacturing

  • Quality Management in the Process Industry

  • Quality Management in Sales & Distribution/Quality Certificates

SAP QM Quality Management (beginner to advanced level) 2021
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