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SAP PP Production Planning (beginner to advanced level) 2021

Master SAP PP (Production Planning) module with practical scenarios. Become SAP PP Consultant & prepare for SAP PP jobs.
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Comprehensive knowledge on SAP PP module
Understand the core concepts of SAP PP and their use in the industry
Practical demonstration of all configurations and activities in PP
Learn SAP PP from beginner to advanced level in a step-by-step manner
Become an SAP PP consultant or manager
Prepare for SAP PP Certification exam
Apply for SAP PP jobs and prepare for interviews

SAP PP (Production Planning) is one of the important modules in SAP system. SAP PP handles all business processes related to production in an organization. It encompasses activities such as Materials Requirement Planning (MRP), Bill of Materials (BOM), Routings, Automatic material requisitions based on MRP, capacity planning, and so on. Details of manufacturing processes such as material flows, planned costs, actual costs, etc. can be recorded and tracked through SAP PP. The Production Planning module is fully integrated with other SAP modules viz. SD (Sales and Distribution), MM (Materials Management), FICO (Finance and Controlling), PM (Plant Maintenance), LE (Logistics Execution).

In this SAP PP course by Uplatz, you will learn SAP PP module from an absolute beginner to advanced level. This online training course on SAP PP consists of a series of video tutorials that cover all topics of SAP Production Planning module and will help you gain extensive knowledge of production planning in SAP.

By the end of this SAP PP training you will be able to:

  • Acquire the relevant knowledge required to clear the SAP PP certification exam

  • Understand the core concepts of SAP PP module

  • Be able to apply the knowledge learned to progress in your career as SAP PP consultant / manager / end-user

SAP PP course curriculum

1. Overview of ERP, SAP, SAP PP

  • Understanding ERP and ERP as an ERP

  • Architecture of ERP

  • Discuss on the implementation methodology and importance of the same

  • Importance of SAP PP as a functional module

2. SAP PP process flow

  • PP total flow understanding

3. Master Data Overview

  • Material Master

  • BOM configuration and use in production planning

  • Routings (task lists) configuration and use in production planning

  • Production Versions

  • Importance as per business needs

  • Work Center

4. Master Planning

  • Sales Operations Planning

  • Demand Management

  • Long term Planning

  • Planned independent requirements

5. Forecasting

  • Process review

  • Process overview and flow to demand management

  • Forecasting process and MRP control

  • Example with real Business Process

6. Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Master Production Schedule (MPS)

  • Process review

  • MPS

  • MRP

  • MRP run configuration and evaluation tools

  • Consumption Based Planning

  • Lot Size Procedures

  • Example with real Business Process

7. Production Orders

  • Scheduling of production orders

  • Production order components

  • Production Resources & Tools (PRTs)

8. Scheduling

  • Scheduling process

  • Capacity planning

  • Example with real Business Process

9. Discrete Manufacturing

  • Master Data involved

  • Configurations needs

  • Purpose

  • Planned order structure

  • Production order types

  • Material staging and withdraw

  • Production confirmation

  • Goods movement

  • Order settlement

10. Repetitive Manufacturing

  • Master Data

  • Planning

  • Backflushing

11. REM

  • REM process review

  • Master Data involved

  • Configuration needs

  • Purpose

12. Support Process

  • Support Process discussion

13. Integration of SAP PP with other SAP modules

  • Material Management (MM)

  • Sales and Distribution (SD)

  • Quality Management (QM)

  • Plant Maintenance (PM)

14. Reporting and Tools

  • Production planning reporting

  • Material requirement planning reporting

15. Other aspects of PP

  • Production Planning in process industries

  • Classification system

SAP PP Production Planning (beginner to advanced level) 2021
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