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SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) Training

Learn step by step process/configuration involved in SAP PM for maintenance activities such as inspection, notifications
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Implementation & Configuration of Plant Maintenance requirements on SAP PM
SAP PM Master Data Creation & Management
How to create a work center in SAP
Preventive Maintenance
Get the knowledge required to clear the SAP certification exam.
Will be able to apply the knowledge as SAP PM consultant

SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM) is very important SAP ERP Central Component Business Application tool that is helpful in the automatic repair & maintenance request of organisational plant activities. SAP PM application module is integrated with other ECC components like production planning, material management, sales distribution etc.

SAP PM ECC tool provides various critical analytical data which helps in the effective monitoring repair & maintenance activities so that plant functions processes can run smoothly, therefore most of the manufacturing companies are motivated to use SAP PM ECC software.

Plant Maintenance is an integral part of the logistics function and in SAP it is fully integrated with other components including Materials Management (MM) and Production (PP). Every business that has a manufacturing operation will have implemented some level of maintenance functionality to keep its production facility operating efficiency.

In SAP, the plant maintenance function covers three areas of maintenance; inspection, prevention, and repair. The inspection process identifies the condition of the equipment at the time of inspection. The preventive maintenance process is used to keep items at their in good condition and within operating tolerances. The repair process is required when equipment needs to be restored to its optimal operating condition.

As the popularity of SAP PM ERP software is getting increased among the manufacturing plant owners, simultaneously the demand of SAP PM Consultants & SAP PM Training & Certification is also gaining a lot of pace.

Because of great career and job opportunities, many working professionals like plant managers, executives, operators, SAP technical & Functional consultants, as well as freshers are attracted towards SAP PM training. As we know in this digital era, most of aspirants would prefer online training instead of heading towards classroom training due to cost savings and convenience, and this is where Uplatz fits in best.

Uplatz is well known SAP training provider and an innovative digital platform for SAP online courses. Uplatz aims to provide you hands-on practical and real project-based training and for this we are having Certified SAP PM professional tutors who are industry experts and experienced in providing online SAP PM classes having enough knowledge to clear your all doubts.

If you are looking forward to build your career in SAP PM Field, and want to do a comprehensive course on SAP Plant Maintenance training module, you are at the right place. This SAP PM course can be your entry to the premium SAP world!

SAP PM - course syllabus

1. Overview: SAP

• SAP Business Suite

• Navigation (system handling)

• Plant Maintenance Overview

2. PM Organizational Structure

• Maintenance Plant

• Planning Plant

• Planner Groups

3. Master Data

• Material Master

• Equipment BOM

• Equipment Task list

• Functional Location

• Equipment

• Work Center

• Class

• Characteristics

• Codes and Catalogs

• Tasks and Activities

• Standard Text Keys

• Measuring Point and Measuring counter

4. Maintenance Processing - Planning

• Breakdown and Corrective Maintenance

• Creation of Maintenance Notification

• Employee Planning in operation and Split

• Material Requirement Planning

• Release of Maintenance Notification

• Maintenance Order creation from Notification

• Purchase Order creation of Maintenance Materials

5. Execution of Maintenance Processing

• Maintenance Order Release

• Closing of Maintenance Order

• Confirmation of Maintenance Order

• Closing of Maintenance Order

• Goods issue for Maintenance Order

• Creation of Measuring Document

6. Execution of MM Integration Processes

• Creation of Purchase Requisition

• Creation of Purchase Order

• Posting Goods Receipt Via MIGO

• Creation of Material Master

• Concept of Split valuation in Material Master

7. Preventive Maintenance

• Time based strategy Plan

• Performance based strategy Plan

• Maintenance Strategy

• Condition based Maintenance

• Creation of Maintenance Plan  Preventive Maintenance Order execution

• Concept of Route Based Maintenance Plan

• Scheduling of Maintenance Plan

• Deadline Monitoring

8. Refurbishment of Spare Parts

• Spare Parts

• Serialisation Procedure

• Internal Refurbishment of spare parts Processing

• External Refurbishment via Sub-Contracting Process

9. Inspection of Measuring equipment

• Integration with Quality Management

• MIC Creation

• Sampling Procedure /Sampling Methods

• Calibration inspection plan creation

• Calibration inspection order creation

10. Various Reports in PM module

• Equipment Reports

• Maintenance Order Reports

• Functional Location Reports

• Creation of Global Variants in Reports

• Creation of User Specific Variants in Reports

• Other Reports

11. Basic Concept of Work Clearance Management

• Work Clearance Approval

• Work Clearance Application

• Work Clearance Documents

12. Pool Asset Management Process

• Demand Planning

• Demand Planning with Graphical Planning Board

• Issue of Pool asset

• Return of Pool asset

13. Basic Concept of Investment Management via Maintenance Order

• Creation of Investment Profile

• Assignment of Investment Profile in Maintenance order

14. Important Configuration and Integration with other modules

• Configuration steps involved in PM

• PM integration with MM, PP, QM and FI/CO modules

SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) Training
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