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SAP MRP - Keeping it simple and easy to understand

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SAP MRP overview

Material Requirement Planning (SAP MRP) is a tool which helps in planning the requirement quantities and schedules of a given material.

This is an ideal starter course to understand SAP MRP. Get to know the essential parts of the system that make the SAP MRP run. I will help you become familiar with the SAP system by watching carefully designed videos with easy to understand explanations and SAP system demos.

This is how I structured the course:

Concept. You will learn why organizations use MRP.

Framework. You will learn about the foundational elements of MRP.

Control Knobs: You will learn about the various aspects of master data which can impact the MRP signals.

The Engine. You will learn and understand how to run MRP manually or automatically.

Output. You will learn how to view the output.

Evaluate. You will then learn how to evaluate the output.

The goal of this course is to provide the student a solid foundation to understand SAP MRP. You will be acquainted with the system in a very simplified way. The lectures combine theory immediately with practice.

You will see that it is not that difficult to understand SAP MRP. At its heart it is a question of understanding. This course offers lots of suitable explanations and demonstrations.

We will start with understanding what is MRP.  Next we will cover the control knobs that influence the signals generated by SAP MRP.  You will understand the inputs and outputs, in addition to running MRP on your own.  We will then finish up with monitoring MRP. 

At the close of the course, you will have a strong understanding of SAP MRP and thus be able to control how the SAP MRP engine works.

SAP MRP - Keeping it simple and easy to understand
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