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SAP Material Ledger & Actual Costing: Real-Life Scenario

Learn how Material Ledger & Actual Costing work in SAP through a realistic end-to-end scenario.
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After taking this course, I guarantee that you will have an excellent understanding of how Material Ledger & Actual Costing are working in SAP. You will fully understand how Material Ledger is integrated with Financial Accounting, Procurement & Manufacturing.

This course will be the fastest and most efficient way for you to learn how Material Ledger & Actual Costing are working SAP, guaranteed.

Product Costing is often viewed as a complicated topic in SAP and Material Ledger brings yet another layer of possibilities how to manage costs in the system. But during course, I will prove to you that all what is needed to fully understand the key functionalities of Material Ledger & Actual Costing is one comprehensive example scenario which demonstrates how things are actually working in practice.

The main purpose of this course is to offer you a realistic costing scenario that you can yourself start expanding and experimenting with. All efforts are placed in offering you one end-to-end example that demonstrates how costs are flowing inside the system through Controlling, Financial Accounting, Material Management & Production Planning modules. After taking this course, you will be ready to start implementing advanced costing and manufacturing scenarios on your own.

This course is a direct sequel to our previous Product Cost Controlling (CO-PC) in SAP course. If you are not familiar with Product Costing, I strongly recommend you to first take this course or any other course that teaches you the basics of this topic.

The structure of this course is the following. We will first start with a short slide set that introduces our end-to-end scenario that is based on a real-life company. The slide deck also introduces the key concepts related to the Material Ledger & Actual Costing. We will not use too much time going through the slides and we will be playing around in the system before you know it.

After we have finished our short theory session, we will start looking things from the configuration side. As the only way to fully understand the functionality of different config settings is through practical examples, we will go through this chapter very efficiently but we will still cover all the configuration options you are ever likely to need.

After finishing our configuration review, it’s time to start our end-to-end scenario and examining Material Ledger in practice. We will see what kind of postings happen in the system during Procurement and Manufacturing processes.

The final chapter of the course is dedicated for the period-end closing process which usually raises the most questions. I will be showing you how the Actual Costing functionality is using the postings recorded into the Material Ledger to calculate actual costs for your materials.

This course is especially designed for people who have started to read a 1,000 pages SAP Material Ledger manual and given up after the first 100 pages after countless chapters of irrelevant background information and no realistic examples how things actually work in practice. I will not be teaching in the traditional way but every second of my video lectures is designed solely to expand your knowledge as fast as possible.

Sign up for this course and I promise it will be the best investment you have ever made for your SAP career.

SAP Material Ledger & Actual Costing: Real-Life Scenario
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