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SAP Logistic Execution

A SAP Deepdive into the Logistic Execution
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Design and execute the Logistic Execution processes in SAP
Configure the SAP objects in the Logistic Execution module (Distribution)

Updated in 2017 : Course updated to reflect changes in S/4 HANA 

Logistic Execution is one of the core activity of any company. Increasingly, companies are required to execute more complex processes as a means of keeping their competitive advantage.

The objective of this course is to explain both the business and SAP process within the Logistic Execution area. It is aimed to provide students a deepdive into the subject in an easy, comprehensive, course that can be applied in today's workplace.

For this course we will be deepdive into the following areas

  • The best way to use the Logistic Execution Processes
  • The configuration behind the Logistic Execution module (Distribution module)
  • Packaging core concepts
  • System demonstrations

The course will cover the following SAP functionality

  • How to create and use Outbound deliveries effectively
  • The mass creation of Outbound delivery in the foreground and background, and how to use it in the context of the business
  • Route determination and why it is important
  • Picking strategies and how they are executed in SAP
  • Executing Picking in Inventory management and warehouse management (IM and WM)
  • When to use Packing and how to execute it in Handling Unit management (HU)

It is not just SAP details that this course will be covering, the course also covers

  • The process from the perspective of the business and users.
  • The integration and context of Supply Chain Management .
  • How to run these process in SAP and why do we execute them in a particular way.
  • SAP "Best Practice".

This course is part of the larger SAP Supply Chain course, but has been segregated as to provide a targeted, deepdive session into the SAP functionality of Logistic Execution.

SAP Logistic Execution
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