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SAP GTS Training

SAP Global Trade System - Business scenarios and configuration
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Understand the fundamentals of Global Trade
Understand the significance of GTS module in SAP
Have a good understanding of compliance requirements of companies
Be able to fluently talk about how and why companies deal with rogue countries and nationals

With increasing globalization, companies cannot run without GTM solutions. With GTS solutions in place all logistics consultants (SD, MM, PP, CRM, SRM) would have to understand how SAP GTS systems work.This course would be extremely useful for consultants who are looking to enhance their careers. 

How is this course designed?

Each topic has been explained in detail and with examples. The course is designed in such a way that before you get into configuring the system you have strong understanding of the concepts and functionalities.

How to get the most out of this course?

I suggest you go through the videos and immediately practice the scenarios on the IDES system. This would help you better understand the underlying functionality. If you get stuck somewhere please post your questions on the forum, I can help you with your queries.

What is covered in this course?

As of now the Compliance Management module of the SAP GTS system has been dealt in this course.

The following topics are covered under the Compliance Management module:

1. Sanctioned Party List screening

2. Embargo Check

3. Legal Control

Realistic course timeline

Although the course is around 4-5 hrs in duration, it would take a good 1 month in order to gain full understanding of the topics and practice the different scenarios.

SAP GTS Training
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