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SAP Fiori Application Developer Certification Practice Test

We assured, you will definitely clear the exam if you go through all questions in this preparation test.
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Strong Knowledge on SAP Fiori Application Developer (C_FIORDEV_20 & C_FIORDEV_21) Certification Exam

Get Certified in minimum time

Main Features:

  • 200 Questions

  • Scenario-based questions

  • 4 Practice tests

  • Specially designed for SAP  Fiori Application Developer Certification

  • Ideal for C_FIORDEV_20 & C_FIORDEV_21

Sample Questions and answers:

01. You need to explain the core functions of OPA5 for testing SAPUI5 apps. Which test options are offered by OPA5?

There are 2 correct answers to this question.

a) Development tests

b) Load tests

c) Navigation tests

d) User interaction tests

   Answer: c, d

02. In the Git source code management system, what is executed initially to create the local Git repository in SAP Web IDE?

Please choose the correct answer.

a) Push

b) Pull

c) Clone

d) Fetch

   Answer: c

03. What is an Aggregation?

There are 2 correct answers to this question.

a) Is not a parent/ child relationship

b) A relationship between two controls

c) A relationship between the text field and its label

d) Is a parent child relationship

   Answer: b, d

04. Which tool do you use to deploy SAP Fiori app developments?

Please choose the correct answer.

a) Eclipse (SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio)

b) Process Modeler

c) Object Navigator


   Answer: d

05. Your customer needs an app that can perform data modifications. Which ODataModel binding-mode do you select?

Please choose the correct answer.

a) One-time

b) One-way

c) Two-way

d) Three-way

   Answer: c

Topic Areas

SAP Fiori Strategy, Standards and Guidelines > 12%

SAPUI5 Foundations > 12%

SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Web IDE Basics 8% - 12%

OData and Advanced Data Handling 8% - 12%

Extensibility in SAPUI 58% - 12%

SAP Hybrid App Toolkit 8% - 12%

Deployment 8% - 12%

Testing 8% - 12%

SAP Fiori Architecture Overview < 8%

Official Exam Details:

Exam: 80 questions

Exam Cut Score: 61%( C_FIORDEV_20 ) & 66%( C_FIORDEV_21 )

Exam Duration: 180 mins

Type of Questions : Multiple choice (single/multiple)

SAP Fiori Application Developer Certification Practice Test
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