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SAP Finance and Controlling

Master SAP Finance and Controlling
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At the end of the course students would have acquired understanding of concepts, configuration and business process used in SAP Finance. You can work as SAP Finance consultant along with other SAP consultant.

SAP is the biggest global player in ERP space. SAP finance is the most sought after module. Master SAP finance Business Process, Configuration, Testing and various SAP finance and accounting concepts. This course on SAP Finance covers business process, concepts, configuration and testing on SAP Finance topics like Enterprise structure, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Accounting, Electronic Bank statements, Dunning, New General Ledger etc. Topics covered in SAP Controlling are Organization structure, Cost Element Accounting, Cost Center Accounting, Master data creation, Planning, Budgets, Actual Posting, Variances, Report Painter, SAP Standard Controlling Reports, Assessments and Distributions in Cost Center Accounting, Product Costing ( Over head Costing Sheet, Costing variant, Valuation Variant, Cost Component structure, WIP, Variances, Period End Process etc.), Internal Orders, Profit Center Accounting   

Enterprise structure: Define Company, Company Code, Segments, Functional Area, Controlling Area, Credit Control Area   

Company code global settings: Fiscal Year Variant, Assign Fiscal Year Variant to Company Code, Posting Period Variant, Assign Posting Period Variant to Company Code, Open and Close Posting Period Variant, Define Field Status Variant, Company Code Global Parameters, Chart of Accounts, Define GL Account Groups, Retained Earning Account, Document Type, Document number Range, Posting Key, GL Account Tolerance, Employee Tolerance, Assign Users to Tolerance Groups   

General Ledger: GL Master Data Fields and Purpose, Create GL Accounts, Copy GL Accounts from Chart of Accounts, Copy GL Accounts from Company Code, Open Item Clearing, Cross Company code transactions, Special GL transactions.   

Foreign Currency Valuation   

Accounts Payable: Create Number range for Vendors, Vendor Account Group, Assign Number Range to Vendor Account group, Define Sensitive fields for dual control, create customer master records, Maintain Terms of Payments, Special GL transactions   

Electronic Vendor Payments: Global settings for vendor payments, Vendor payment process, Configure Payment Methods - Check, ACH, Wire Transfer in SAP (FBZP), Update Vendor Master Data in SAP for Payment Methods, Test vendor payments in SAP, Electronic Payment file creation using DMEE   

Accounts Receivable: Customer Account Group, Customer master Number range, Sensitive fields for dual control, Create customer master records, Main Terms of Payments for customer, Dunning, Special GL Transactions   

Dunning: Dunning Procedure, Dunning Level, Dunning Charges, DUNNING TEXT/Form, Execute Dunning (F150)

Bank Accounting: Bank Key, House Bank, Bank Accounts, Electronic Bank Statements   

Automation using Accrual Engine: Define Accrual Types, Define Permitted Company Codes and Fiscal Year, Define Accrual Object Categories, Define Number Range for Accrual Objects, Define Customer Settings for Components, Define Standard settings for Accrual calculation, Define Posting Control, Define Set of Rules for Account Determination etc.   

Taxation: Tax Calculation Procedure, condition types, Assign tax calculation procedure to country, Tax codes for sales / purchase tax, General Ledger Account for the Tax postings   

Asset Accounting : Asset Management Overview, Asset Master Records, Asset Acquisitions and Maintenance, Asset Transfers, Asset Retirements, Depreciation, Reporting

Electronic Bank Statements : Electronic Bank Statement business process, EBS configuration steps in SAP, EBS test file creation and end to end testing in SAP

Lockbox: Lockbox automates check receipt and clearing process in SAP. SAP Lockbox is extensively used by large manufacturing organization, MNC, Banks etc. Lockbox business process, Lockbox configuration in SAP, Customer master data update, Lockbox file structure and it’s creation, end to end testing of Lockbox process

Organizational Structure: Operating Concern, Controlling Area, Controlling versions, CO number range etc.

Cost Element Accounting: Primary Cost Elements, Secondary Cost Elements, Cost Element Categories, Cost Element Groups etc.

Cost Center Accounting: Master Data creation ( Cost Center, SKF, Activity Type), Cost Center Hierachy, Cost Center Planning, Activity Type Price Calculation ( Automatic or Manual), Cost Center Budget, Actual Posting to cost center, Variances, Report Painter, SAP standard controlling Reports, Allocation, Assessments, Distribution of Costs among cost objects

Product Costing: SAP Product Costing configuration: Product Costing Configuration, Costing Sheet, Costing Variant, Cost Component Structure, WIP Settings, Variance Calculation, Production Planning Configuration, SAP FI-MM integration configuration : Define Plant, Define Storage Location, Maintain Purchase Organization, Assign Plant to Company Code, Define Valuation Level, Assign Purchase Org to Co. Code, Assign Pur Org to Plant, Create Purchasing Groups, Define Attributes of Material Type, SAP Standard Costing variant configuration: Define Costing Type, Define Valuation Variant, Define Date Control, Define Quantity Structure Control, Checks BOM Selection, Check BOM Application Area, Check Routing Selection, Define Transfer Control, Define Costing Variant, SAP Cost Component Structure Configuration : Define Cost Component Group, Define Cost Component Structure, Define Cost Components with attributes, Assign CE to Cost Components, Assign Cost Component STR to Org. Unit, SAP WIP/ RA settings configuration: Define RA Key, Define CE for WIP, Define RA version, Define Valuation Method Actuals, Define Line ID, Define Assignment, Define Update, Define Posting Rule for settling WIP, SAP Product Costing variance configuration: Define Variance Key, Define default variance key for Plant, Define Variance Variant, Define Variance (Actual Cost-Std Cost) etc.

SAP FI-MM Integration: Define Plant, Define Storage Location, Maintain Purchase Organization, Assign Plant to Company Code, Define Valuation Level, Assign Purchase Org to Co. Code, Assign Purchase Org to Plant, Create Purchasing Groups, Define Attributes of Material Types, Maintain Company Codes for Material Management, Copy plant parameters from 1000 to our plant, Define Invoice automatic status change, Define Valuation Control, Group together Valuation area, Define Valuation Class, FI-MM Automatic postings (OBYC)

Internal Orders: Internal Order Business Process (Create Internal Order, Maintain Budget, Supplement / Reduce budget, Post Actual, Check Internal Order Report, Variances etc.), Order Type, Model Order, Budget Profile, Allocation Structure, Budgetary Control etc.

Profit Center Accounting: Activate Profit Center Accounting, Maintain Controlling Area settings for Profit center, Create Profit Center Group, Create Profit Center, Profit Center Standard Hierarchy, Profit Center Assignment Monitor, Assign Default Profit center, Profit Center Plan and Actual Line-Item Report etc.

This course includes 103 video lectures which explain the SAP Finance accounting concepts, configuration steps, Testing scenarios. This course is very comprehensive. You can do all lectures and master SAP Finance or you can do topics of your interest like Electronic payments to vendors, Dunning, Automation, Lockbox etc. After completing the course, you will have good understanding of SAP finance accounting concepts, configuration methods and their logic, Business scenarios to be tested, SAP finance automation concepts etc. You will be able to work as SAP Finance consultant in a SAP Implementation, production support, testing project. In addition to all core SAP finance topics, this course also covers some of the latest topics like Electronic Bank statements, Lockbox, Dunning, Accrual engine in SAP Finance.

SAP Finance and Controlling
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