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SAP EWM 9.4 Certification Prep

SAP EWM 9.4 Certification Prep
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This course has been created for students who have usable knowledge in EWM.

These practice exams are designed for students who intend certifying SAP EWM.

To ensure success, Good understanding of SAP EWM is required,  The knowledge should have been gained either through educational courses, self study or through exposure to the application in a work environment.

The exam questions will test your knowledge and give you a good indication if you ready to attempt the actual certification exam.

There are 5 exams each with 80 questions, while the pass mark is only 66%, I strongly advise that before attempting actual certification you obtain at least 90% pass mark in each of the practice 5 exams.

SAP EWM 9.4 Certification Prep
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