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SAP Cloud Platform Certification Material & Test - C_CPI_13

100% Pass Guarantee: SAP Learning Hub pdf, SAP PRESS pdf & Practice Questions of SAP Cloud Platform Integration - CPI13
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SAP Cloud Platform Integration

100% Pass Guarantee

We are providing the latest & actual certification tests which have a high probability of coming in your actual Certification exam. Post enrolling, once you message us your email id, we will also share the SAP Learning Hub and SAP Press material over the Google drive. You will have a lifetime access to this practice test and study material. You can attempt the practice test multiple times with right answers provided at the end of each practice set. We take 100% pass guarantee and even money-back guarantee if God forbid you do not pass the exam due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Course Coverage

  • SAP Learning Hub Material pdf (CP100)

  • SAP Press Material pdf (CPI-13 Complete Comprehensive & Certification Guide)

  • Latest + Actual + Most repeated exam questions as a Practice Test paper

SAP PRESS is a joint initiative of SAP and Galileo Press. SAP PRESS features first-hand information, expert advice and provides useful skills for professional decision-making. SAP PRESS offers a variety of books on technical and business-related topics for the SAP user

Few tricks to pass the exam in just 2 weekends

  1. It is important to study the shared Learning material - 20 hours effort.

  2. Go through our CPI 13 Certification Practice test at least twice and literally memorize the questions and answers as most of them will come in your Actual exam - 3 hours effort as it is advisable to write and practice

Exam Topic Areas

  • iFlow Objects | > 12% or more than 10 questions

  • Security | > 12% or more than 10 questions

  • Intelligent Enterprise | > 12% or more than 10 questions

  • Cloud Native Application Development | > 12% or more than 10 questions

  • Operations and Monitoring | 8% - 12% or 6-10 questions

  • Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform Integration | < 8% or less than 6 questions

  • Product Overview | < 8% or less than 6 questions

  • Basic building blocks | < 8% or less than 6 questions

Cut off score - Only 68%       ->      Questions - 80      ->    Duration - 180 mins

Feedback appreciated! Happy learning & Good luck with your certification.

Do refer, if you like our Certification material & Test papers so that maximum students can reap benefit out of this course.

SAP Cloud Platform Certification Material & Test - C_CPI_13
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