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SAP C_TADM51_731 Technology Associate System Admin Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) Asynchronous requests from the SAP operations update workflow task type Update V1 or V2 update? Note: (Choose two)

a) If the processes are not configured V2 update operation, V1 treatment processes all update requests

b) If you have configured the renewal of V2, the V2 update requests, handled only the renewal of the work available to V2.

c) Priority V1 and V2 processing requests to update the corresponding value determined parameters rdisp / wp_no_vb and rdisp / wp_no_vb2.

d) All app updates designated V1 and V2 workflows cyclic.

Q) The client wants to implement a change management process based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards. Which of the following would you recommend to use for the implementation?

a) Implementation of the process stream transport, SAP system based on AS ABAP.

b) Implement Change Request Management in the SAP Solution Manager.

c) Implement supported Optimizer in SAP Solution Manager.

d) Implement Enhanced Change and Transport System in the SAP system based on AS ABAP and Java.

e) None

Q) You began to import transport request. It seems that (DD IMPORT) phase DDIC Import takes a very long time time.What you can do to check if the import is still running?

a) Browser data transaction (SE16), make sure there is no content in the E070 table.

b) At the operating system level, make sure R3trans process is still running.

c) In summary operation process (SM50), be sure to run at least, the type of work Dialog status.

d) Choosing a simple transaction operation (SM37), make sure that the work RDDIMPDP still works.

e) None

Q) You perform an operation transport management system (STMS) and changes in the SAP system for imports of all the transport domain. Here you can import all the buttons, but missing Inquiries to Request Import button is available (see attached image). What is the most likely cause of such behavior?

a) Transport Strategy for the PSM system in single deliveries.

b) There is no consolidation of the path points to the PSM system.

c) PSM is a virtual system.

d) There's no waiting transport request that will be imported into the system.

e) None

SAP C_TADM51_731 Technology Associate System Admin Exam
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