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SAP BPC Logic Script from Beginner to Expert

A-Z Guide to create awesome SAP BPC applications using the proprietary programming language - Logic Script
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Design and Build Logic Script Calculations
Debug and Troubleshoot Logic Script
Create Models and Dimensions
Become an Expert in Logic Script

Design and Build Awesome SAP BPC Calculations!

Logic Script or Script Logic is a powerful proprietary language used in SAP BPC for logic execution. While it is widely used in almost every BPC implementation, especially for the Planning Models, there aren’t many resources teaching you on best practices or how to write it correctly.

The official SAP BPC420 BPC Administration course is covering only marginally how the Logic Script code should be written. Therefore the majority of the consultants are learning by doing without tutor guidance. The so-called “Trial and error” method.

This course has been created with core idea that the best way of learning something is to practice This is the reason the course is all about telling while showing. You will not see any presentation slides!

There are five sections.

  • Section 1: Building the same model and dimensions as I use for the course
  • Section 2: Introduction to Logic Script and writing Logic for Resource Model
  • Section 3: Logic Script for Planning Model
  • Section 4: Rewriting the Logic Script for DEFAULT Logic 
  • Section 5: Bonus Lectures

SAP BPC Logic Script from Beginner to Expert
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