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SAP ARIBA -Sourcing, Procurement & Pay Solution

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Student are going to learn a2z about SAP ARIBA.

SAP Ariba is a cloud-based Procurement solution to perform business transactions on a single platform. It can be easily integrated with other SAP ERP products without using middleware and can be customized as per business requirements. Ariba provides out of box functionality to buyers and suppliers to do business and to get maximum benefits from procurement management.

SAP Ariba is a cloud-based innovative solution that allows suppliers and buyers to connect and do business on a single platform. It improves over all vendor management system of an organization by providing less costly ways of procurement and making business simple. Ariba acts as supply chain, procurement service to do business globally. SAP Ariba digitally transforms your supply chain, procurement and contract management process.

In today’s world, there is a need to control your supply chain and to collaborate with your suppliers in an efficient way. To enable healthy supply chain, you need to have suppliers with visibility to every part of procurement process so that they can maintain an efficient supply chain and help organizations to grow their and own business.

The cloud based innovative solution was first developed in 1996 by a company named Ariba and was later acquired by SAP in 2012 with a total acquisition cost of 4.3 billion USD with each share cost $45. Thus, the name SAP Ariba. At the onset, Ariba was a B2B company to do procurement over Internet and was the first one to introduce IPO in 1999.

This course contents....


1. Basics of SAP Ariba - SAPTube (1 hour 26 mintue.)

2. Sourcing Module in SAP Ariba - SAPTube (1 hour 44 mintue).

3. E-Form & D- Form in SAP ARIBA - SAPTube (1 hour 28 mintue).

4. Auction in Sourcing - SAP ARIBA - SAPTube (2 hour 03 mintue).

5. Q & A Related to SAP Ariba Solution & SIM - SAPTube (3 hour 25 mintue).

6. Q & A #2 Related to SAP Ariba Solution & SIM - SAPTube (1 hour 29 mintue).

7. SAP ARIBA Contract Components - SAPTube (2 hour 58 mintue).

8. Agreement in ARIBA Contracts - SAP ARIBA - SAP Tube (1 hour 38 mintue).

9. Optimize & Manual scenarios in Bid Transformation in SAP ARIBA- SAPTube (3 hour 02 mintue).

10.Create Contract workspace (Procurement) in SAP ARIBA - SAPTube (1 hour 04 mintue).

11.ARIBA Procure to PAY P2P in SAP ARIBA - SAPTube (59 mintue).

12.Doubts Session in SAP ARIBA - SAPTube (1 hour 07 mintue).

Before you proceed with this tutorial, we assume that you are versed with SAP Vendor management and ERP concepts. A good exposure to SAP Vendor Management options, integration options in ERP suite is also recommended.

The students or the Professional who are willing to know about the SAP ARIBA.

SAP ARIBA -Sourcing, Procurement & Pay Solution
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