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Complete Sanskrit Pronunciation

Pronounce Sanskrit sounds flawlessly, regardless of your native language
Course from Udemy
 360 students enrolled
Precise & authentic articulation of all Sanskrit sounds, with ample practice
Eliminating your native accent from Sanskrit pronunciation
Practice on 300 Sanskrit words & 50 ślokas, with instructor's feedback
2 identical course versions - in Latin or in Devanāgarī script. 5.5 hours each!
  • Learn the tricks to tune your tongue and body to perfect Sanskrit phonetics, regardless of your native language. This practice will help you to minimize your accent to the minimum.

  • Practice individual sounds and sound groups with real examples from Sanskrit language. More than 300 word and 50 verses/mantras will boost your vocabulary as well!

  • Listen, watch, and repeat: With 5.5 hours of video and audio material you will be guided in each step of your journey to perfect Sanskrit sound - with no single detail left out.

  • Understand the science behind the Sanskrit alphabet - the most systematically arranged alphabet in the world. Being aware of its various sound groups will tremendously help you to perfectly reproduce in sound what you see on paper.

  • Don't know the traditional Sanskrit script? No problem - learn everything through the Romanized Sanskrit system (Latin/English letters). For those familiar with the देवनागरी script, the whole course is optionally presented in the देवनागरी as well (each version is 5.5 hours long).

  • Ask questions - post your questions on any of the classes and receive a prompt reply!

  • Receive personal feedback on your progress from the instructor - just send your recording when prompted and know what you are good at and where to improve!

Complete Sanskrit Pronunciation
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