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Sankhya/Samkhya evolution in depth, for Ardent Yoga students

Learn Sankhya/Samkhya Evolution theory with the help of 73 Karikas/Shlokas
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Students will learn the Metaphysics and Epistemology of Sankhya/Samkhya Philosophy which is the base of Yoga Philosophy too.
They will understand the evolution Chart, the three Gunas, the manifestation of the world, the 5 subtle and gross elements and its manifestation.
Students will understand the 73 Karikas in depth as this is a complete Karika notes reading. These notes were collected by me over the span of 10 years.
They will learn to understand the Karika/Shlokas word by word. I have yet to see any course online such as this.
They will learn this ancient text in depth from all perspectives.
They will learn the evolution of the objective world and the evolution of the intellect world. Both the objective and subjective evolution.

This course will help you understand the Sankhya/Samkhya Philosophy of Evolution. The Sankhya Philosophy is the backbone of Yoga Philosophy of Sage Patanjali. Sankhya is the theory aspect of Yoga and Yoga is the practical aspect of Sankhya. There are 73 Karikas/Shlokas that are tackled in this course in a notes reading format. The notes give both the Philosophical perspective as well as Sanskrit perspective of the Shloka. It helps one to know Matter and Consciousness, Gunas and the Evolution process by understanding the Karikas which in turn helps us to understand the Yogasutras.

This course is made after studying this text for almost a decade. It is really a boon to reach these notes across to anyone who wants to read and understand it. With technology - space and time is no more an obstacle. Yet, I truly believe that this text chooses us and not the other way around because one has to be eligible to receive the knowledge.

The eligibility to buy this course is love for Yoga and Sankhya, ability to read or hear Sanskrit and lots of Patience to go through the 73 Karikas again and again. The Sankhya notes are here, are you ready for the same?

Sankhya/Samkhya evolution in depth, for Ardent Yoga students
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