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Samuel and Co Trading - Mindset Course 5* Review

Forex and Stock Trading Mindset Training
Course from Udemy
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They will gain structured steps to create the vision of their future
Understanding stress and how to manage this emotion.
A technique to silence the mental chatter and to reduce stress.

The course material presented here is an introduction into four areas that many people find interesting but have little understanding of how to change or use them. One course is about the Subconscious Mind - what, how and why it does what it does. The second course is about creating the Vision of Your Future; what that vision would look like, the critical steps you need to take, while utilising the power of the subconscious mind to manifest that vision into your reality. The third course deals with stress; what is stress, what causes stress, how to address it and why you need to reset the amygdala. The fourth course is a simple step-by-step guided process in how to Silence the Mind. By following this process you will be able to cease all mental chatter, that internal dialogue in under 2 minutes and, reset the amygdala to promote self healing. All courses are voice over power point presentations.

Samuel and Co Trading - Mindset Course 5* Review
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