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Salsa Ladies Style & Technique

Start from scratch and learn how to dance salsa and be feminine,confident and unique on the Dancefloor.
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✓Salsa steps ✓different variations ✓arms styling ✓hips technique ✓bodymovent for ladies

This is a course especially made for you ladies..!

Now is your time, to find your confidence, embrace your femininity and feel beautiful inside out through Dance ..!

My purpose in this course is to make you learn, explore, feel active, get fit,love your body, be creative, feel sexy and mostly have fun !

With my help and guidance, in little time , you are going to be able to:

✓Dance various salsa moves (L.A style), steps and combinations

✓improve your dancing skills if you are already dancing

✓Learn how to isolate different parts of your body, move your hips and arms in a feminine and elegant way

✓and kill it on the Dancefloor!

Are you ready to follow me to this amazing journey and Change your life ? Let's go!

Salsa Ladies Style & Technique
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