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SALESmanago: Lead Generation

Learn how to optimize lead generation methods tailor the process to increase Conversion and Sales.
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How to use the basic pop-up wizard,
How to use the drag & drop contact form wizard,
How to use the landing page wizard,
How to use the HTML contact form wizard,
How to use contact form analytics.

Lead Generation by definition​ refers to the process of identifying potential customers for your business’s products or services.

But contrary to popular belief, lead generation isn’t just about impersonal hard-selling. It’s a complicated process, requiring an expansive range of methods to be effective.

Lead Generation is essential for businesses in order to identify the best-suited leads and obtain new sales leads. For this purpose, various contact forms can be used on the website e.g. landing pages, pop-ups, exit pop-ups, iframes, or sidebars. When creating these elements it is worth remembering that the text and graphics, their location on the page, as well as the moment of their display, can significantly contribute to increasing the number of contacts willing to share their data. It’s worth testing different solutions and checking which works for your customers. SALESmanago offers a variety of functions to help yield the best results and ensure personalized content even to attract valuable anonymous contacts.

In lesson number 4 you will learn how to:

  • Create responsive forms and landing pages without IT using Drag & Drop wizards,

  • Convert anonymous visitors into leads and keep their visit history,

  • Use progressive profiling forms to collect more data,

  • Increase conversion with forms and popups personalized to real customer interests,

  • Display contact forms and popups at the time of highest conversion probability,

  • Dynamically adjust discount codes and pricing to address customer value,

  • Use contact form analytics to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

SALESmanago: Lead Generation
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