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SALESmanago: Database Segmentation

Learn about segmentation of contacts based on behavioral, transactional and declarative data.
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Different methods of segmentation, the scope of collected data, and uses of tags,
Segmentation matrices and AdHoc rules,
How to use the RFM Marketing Automation panel,
Advanced methods of segmentation in the SALESmanago system,
The use of dynamic segments in SALESmanago.

Lesson 2 expands on customer segmentation, automatic division of contacts into segments, which allows you to improve deliverability and optimize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Create and update in real-time groups of contacts that meet an extensive set of criteria at a given moment, including CRM, behavioral and transactional data. Use them in mass and automated campaigns and be sure to always target the right audience.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Save time by setting automatic email campaigns & and autoresponders,

  • Create segments based on website behavior, transactions and declarative data,

  • Define actions and campaigns dedicated only to selected contact segments,

  • Use scoring to identify the hottest leads and their real interests,

  • Alert your team about lead activity,

  • Structure, measure and optimize your sales process with funnels,

  • Manage your sales with notes, tasks and reminders,

  • Nurture your leads to prepare them for the direct sales process,

  • Successfully onboard new customers and build loyalty to increase retention,

  • Use of Dynamic Segments in SALESmanago.

Most popular use-cases:

  • Up-selling and cross-selling,

  • Lowering the cost of conversion,

  • Automatically respond to a decrease in shopping activity,

  • Increase customer engagement,

  • Adjust the content to the customer's shopping preferences,

  • Take care of active users,

  • Increase Customer Life Value (CLV) and profits,

  • Optimize of the base activation costs,

  • Increase customer retention.

Features available in SALESmanago system:

  • Segmentation matrices,

  • ad hoc rule,

  • RFM Marketing Automation,

  • Tags,

  • Dynamic segments.

SALESmanago: Database Segmentation
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