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Salesforce Trailhead 2021 - Developer Beginner

Leverage your existing development skills to build apps fast on the Salesforce Platform.
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Platform Development Basics
Apex Basics & Database
Apex Triggers
Apex Testing
Visualforce Basics
Developer Console Basics
Quick Start: Visual Studio Code for Salesforce Development
Search Solution Basics

You are required to have successfully completed the following Udemy courses before you take this one:

  • Salesforce Trailhead 2021 - Admin Beginner

  • Salesforce Trailhead 2021 - Admin Intermediate

The Developer Beginner trail has modules that are covered in the two Admin courses above. Without completing the two courses above, your developer beginner trail will not be complete.

If you have completed the two Admin courses above, then you're ready to rock'n roll! It's development time!

This course is the starting ground of Salesforce Development.

My aim and final goal is to equip and guide you so that you are able to develop your own Salesforce Apps that are App Exchange ready.

This course is only the starting point for your salesforce development adventure. The final destination is for you to be able to distribute your own apps at the Salesforce App Exchange.

Hopefully make some serious money making apps that will change your world and the world around you.

To accomplish this goal, you and I will need to go through a few trails together, but, in the end, it's totally worth it.

This is the first trail.

Developer Beginner

Platform Development Basics

Meet the tools and technologies that power development on the Salesforce platform.

  • Get Started with Platform Development~15 mins

  • Develop Without Code~15 mins

  • Code with Salesforce Languages~20 mins

  • Extend the Salesforce Platform~15 mins

Data Modeling

Give your data structure with objects, fields, and relationships.

  • Understand Custom & Standard Objects~15 mins

  • Create Object Relationships~15 mins

  • Work with Schema Builder~15 mins

Data Management

Learn how to import and export data in Salesforce.

  • Import Data~30 mins

  • Export Data~10 mins

Data Security

Control access to data using point-and-click security tools.

  • Overview of Data Security~10 mins

  • Control Access to the Org~15 mins

  • Control Access to Objects~25 mins

  • Control Access to Fields~15 mins

  • Control Access to Records~15 mins

  • Create a Role Hierarchy~15 mins

  • Define Sharing Rules~15 mins

Formulas and Validations

Tailor your apps without writing code by using point-and-click logic.

  • Use Formula Fields~15 mins

  • Implement Roll-Up Summary Fields~15 mins

  • Create Validation Rules~15 mins

Salesforce Flow

Automate processes for every app, experience, and portal with declarative tools.

  • Choose the Right Automation Tool~10 mins

  • Automate Simple Business Processes with Process Builder~30 mins

  • Guide Users Through Your Business Processes with Flow Builder~30 mins

  • Combine the Power of Process Builder and Flow Builder~25 mins

  • Customize How Records Get Approved with Approvals~30 mins

Salesforce Mobile App Customization

Customize your mobile experience with the Salesforce app.

  • Get Started with the Salesforce Mobile App~15 mins

  • Customize Navigation~15 mins

  • Create Global Quick Actions~25 mins

  • Create Object-Specific Quick Actions~25 mins

  • Customize Compact Layouts~15 mins

Apex Basics & Database

Use Apex to add business logic and manipulate your data in Salesforce.

  • Get Started with Apex~45 mins

  • Use sObjects~15 mins

  • Manipulate Records with DML~45 mins

  • Write SOQL Queries~30 mins

  • Write SOSL Queries~30 mins

Apex Triggers

Write Apex triggers to perform custom database actions.

  • Get Started with Apex Triggers~30 mins

  • Bulk Apex Triggers~30 mins

Apex Testing

Write robust code by executing Apex unit tests.

  • Get Started with Apex Unit Tests~15 mins

  • Test Apex Triggers~15 mins

  • Create Test Data for Apex Tests~15 mins

Visualforce Basics

Use Visualforce to build custom user interfaces for mobile and web apps.

  • Get Started with Visualforce~10 mins

  • Create & Edit Visualforce Pages~10 mins

  • Use Simple Variables and Formulas~15 mins

  • Use Standard Controllers~15 mins

  • Display Records, Fields, and Tables~15 mins

  • Input Data Using Forms~20 mins

  • Use Standard List Controllers~20 mins

  • Use Static Resources~20 mins

  • Create & Use Custom Controllers~20 mins

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Developer Console Basics

Get to know the Salesforce web-based integrated development environment (IDE).

  • Get Started with the Developer Console~15 mins

  • Navigate and Edit Source Code~20 mins

  • Generate and Analyze Logs~20 mins

  • Inspect Objects at Checkpoints~15 mins

  • Execute SOQL and SOSL Queries~15 mins

Quick Start: Visual Studio Code for Salesforce Development

Set up and integrate the recommended IDE for Salesforce development.

  • Get Started with Visual Studio Code~5 mins

  • Make Visual Studio Code Salesforce Ready~10 mins

  • Use Visual Studio Code for Salesforce Development~10 mins

Search Solution Basics

Learn how search works, navigate use cases, and optimize search results.

  • Choose the Right Search Solution~15 mins

  • Build Search for Common Use Cases~15 mins

  • Optimize Search Results~15 mins

Are you ready to explore a whole new world? New challenges? New opportunities? New heights?

Here we goooooooooooo!

Salesforce Trailhead 2021 - Developer Beginner
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