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Salesforce Pardot Training: Learn to Use the Pardot Lightning App (PLA)

Find out how to use Pardot Lightning in less than three hours!
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How to use Pardot and how it can help you in your job as a marketing agent
How the latest Salesforce Pardot Lightning App (PLA) works
How to create Pardot forms and landing pages
How to set up and run simple marketing campaigns

The business world of today is very different from what it was a hundred or even twenty years ago. In the old times, you had to do everything on your own. Then, certain tools started to appear, and you needed to gain access. Nowadays, there’s a multitude of business-oriented solutions. The only problem is, how do you choose?

In this Salesforce Pardot training course, I will be explaining why it’s worth trying the latest Salesforce Pardot Lightning App (PLA for short). For all the newbies out there – do not worry: this is an introductory course, so we will not be starting with complex topics that might get you puzzled. Step by step, we will master the fundamentals and learn Pardot together.

Why should you learn Pardot, and what is it, exactly?

In 2013, the world’s most popular customer relationship management (CRM) system called Salesforce announced they’re going to make a huge purchase and acquire ExactTarget – a company that offered multiple cloud marketing solutions. One of their products was Pardot – a B2B marketing automation platform.

Choosing this Salesforce Pardot training course is a great career step, as understanding how to use Pardot is a highly valuable skill for any marketer or SEO specialist. Among the variety of services it offers are:

  • Intuitive and personalized marketing emails with optimized sending
  • Landing page and form builders that take care of customization and validation
  • Simplified social media marketing using multiple platforms
  • Smart lead management and assessment
  • Reports of campaign performance, email engagement, and sales funnel 

Since becoming a part of Salesforce, Pardot has grown from one and a half thousand to almost three million users. And they’re not just small home offices, too – some are major companies, such as Stanley Black & Decker, the Swiss Education Group, SPCA International, and Ticketmaster. Naturally, having a firm understanding on how to use Pardot can up your chances of getting a work position in the marketing departments of these giants as well!

Salesforce Pardot training: connect your sales to your marketing

By joining both Salesforce and Pardot in one convenient interface, the Lightning App makes it easier for you to align your goals and monitor the steps towards it. You don’t need separate windows and duplicates of similar functions anymore! And if you’re worried, it might get complicated, fear no more – this Pardot online training course will explain every detail in depth.

The tutorial contains seventeen useful lessons on how to use the app. First of all, you will get familiar with the interface: the navigation, the dashboards, and every other vital component of the system. Then, the Salesforce Pardot training will move to more practical topics: you will learn Pardot lead generation, form and landing page building, as well as master analysis and reporting.

Whether you’re a student, an aspiring marketer, a team lead, or a manager, you can highly benefit from Salesforce Pardot training. If millions of businesses all around the world are using the same system, that means it’s doing something right – join them today and improve your company’s performance!

Salesforce Pardot Training: Learn to Use the Pardot Lightning App (PLA)
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