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Salesforce 2021 - Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Beginner

Learn the basics for implementing Nonprofit Success Pack.
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Understand the NPSP Data Model
Prepare for Your Implementation
Explore Your Customization Options
Focus on Salesforce Key Platform Best Practices
Find the Right Settings and Get Help
Configure Household Naming
Manage Addresses
Create Custom Relationships
Manage Duplicate Contacts and Accounts
Understand and Customize Sales Process and Path
Set up Soft Credits
Enable Customizable Rollups
Configure GAU Allocations and Payments
Manage Recurring Donations
Nonprofit Success Pack Health and Optimization

Welcome, Chosen One!

Okay, maybe you didn’t come to this fortune via a cookie, but somewhere along the line it was decided that you would become the person responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of Salesforce for your nonprofit.

You might be a full-time dedicated administrator (amazing!), you might be what we call an “also admin” as in “I will serve as the admin while I ALSO fill my other roles” (also amazing!), you might even be a part-time volunteer (this, too, is amazing!).

No matter what your exact role, this trail provides a basic overview of how to set up Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)—a tool for Salesforce designed specifically for nonprofits.

The Nonprofit Success Pack NPSP (formerly known as "Nonprofit Starter Pack) is a set of managed packages developed and maintained by Salesforce ORG and made available for free via the Salesforce AppExchange. It allows nonprofits to better manage some common nonprofit business processes. It is currently compatible with Salesforce Classic, and with some known issues with Lightning.

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is an app that sits on top of Salesforce Enterprise Edition. NPSP is preconfigured for nonprofits as an-easy-to-use fundraising and constituent management application, designed to make the daily life of nonprofits a little easier. NPSP is a free, open-source product developed in partnership with the Salesforce ORG community, NPSP is built specifically with the needs of nonprofits in mind. Whether your organization is all-volunteer, moderately staffed, or well-established and resourced, the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) will help you advance your mission - as it's doing everyday for tens of thousands of nonprofits.

NPSP can help your Nonprofit Organization:

  • Manage your contacts and households, donation payments, organization accounts and affiliations, and grant lifecycles.

  • Track relationships between contacts, donations and recurring donations.

As we go, we’ll recommend places where you can dig deeper into Salesforce when you want to, but be warned: Salesforce is a powerful and complex suite of products and there will always be new things to learn. So don’t expect to “master Salesforce” in a couple hours or even a couple days.

Badabing Badabooooooom!

Let's goooooo!

Salesforce 2021 - Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Beginner
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