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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Practice Tests - 2021

These questions are your best friend when it comes to understanding if you are ready for taking the real final exam
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Understand the concepts of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC)
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Last month I got Marketing Cloud Consultant Certified in the first attempt with approx 95% score. It’s considered to be the toughest consultant exam in salesforce ecosystem and definitely, it was tough. I had been preparing for more than a year for this exam and postponed it a few times because I felt that I was not ready. In the end, it was worth it.

My section level scores are below.

Data Design: 91%

Discovery: 100%

Automation: 100%

Journey Builder: 100%

Conceptual Design: 100%

Contact Builder: 100%

Account Configuration: 57%

Reporting: 100%

Email Build: 100%

Marketing Cloud Connect: 100%

If you want this under your belt, you need some solid experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You have to understand various concepts within marketing cloud in depth and have to learn about many builders and studios within Marketing Cloud. My recent project experiences helped me a lot with this exam.


The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant program is designed for consultants who have hands-on experience implementing Marketing Cloud Email Studio, Journey Builder, Automation Studio, Content Builder, Contact Builder, and Marketing Cloud Connect in a customer-facing role. In this course, I will fully prepare you for what it is like to take the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant exam. These questions have been written and answered by multiple Salesforce Marketing Cloud professionals. The correct response, as well as an explanation of the answer is provided, in order to ensure your absolute understanding of the content, rather than merely rote learning the answers to the questions.

In order to culminate this exam, I have followed the official Exam Guide from Salesforce to ensure the 10 Knowledge areas and corresponding weightings are assessed so that you can approach the Marketing Cloud Certification Exam with confidence that all areas have been covered. By purchasing this course, you immensely improve your odds of passing with the first attempt in order to avoid costly re-schedule fees, as well as being confident that you will understand rather than memorise the content. After completing the exam, you will receive your total final score and the correct answers and explanations so you can pinpoint the areas in which you need to improve and study further.

There are three practice exams included-

Study first: It seems to be obvious, but you should not skip this step.You should first study all the topics and only then take the practice test.

First Test Attempt: When you feel confident that you have at least a basic understanding of all the Certification Topics, attempt the test. Make a list of the topics where you experienced difficulties. Be sure to read the detailed explanations when provided!

Get Stronger with Second test: Re-read the list of your weak points by re-taking the tests as many times as you want and review topics as needed.

Final Test: Hurray you are ready!

These practice test questions are all composed of the best questions. The tests are a representation of what you can expect on the real exam. Try the final exam only when you feel very confident with the material or you are near the day of the actual exam. This will give you an accurate projection of the score you will get in the real exam!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Practice Tests - 2021
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