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Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I -Summer '21

Want to pass Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I exam with 90% score? including a mock test? Do this course !
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You will be able to pass your Platform Developer 1 exam in your first attempt
you will learn basics of apex programming to more advanced concepts in salesforce development
You will learn the all latest release of Winter'21 concepts in exam
You will learn the Triggers, Test classes, asynchronous apex and more
You will have a practice exam at the end of the course which is similar to the real exam

This course is designed to those who intent to pass the exam in their first attempt with more than 90%. This course covers the ever topics that is mentioned in the Official Platform Developer 1 exam study guide

In order to pass the exam, you need to have good knowledge of apex and declarative tools in apex. This course goes deep into the every concept to explain how things work in apex. you will master the apex by following all the real time examples given in this course. This is fully updated with current release and has everything in one place to pass the exam.

Exam Topics for the Platform Developer 1 exam :

  • Logic and Process Automation 46%(27 or 28)

  • Testing 12% (7 or 8)

  • Data Modeling and Management 12% (7 or 8)

  • User Interface 10% (6)

  • Debug and Deployment Tools 10%(6)

  • Salesforce Fundamentals 10%(6)

In order to pass the exam, you need to score 39. Once you go through this course, you will score more than 55 and pass the exam with more than 90%.

You will learn the following:

  • Declarative tools in salesforce

  • Basic of Apex programming language

  • Data modeling and management

  • MVC framework

  • Switch statements

  • Control flow statements

  • Collections

  • Loops

  • Dot Notation

  • Sobjects

  • Object Oriented Concepts

  • DML statements

  • Database methods

  • Triggers

  • SOSL

  • SOQL Basic to Advanced

  • Email services

  • Batch Apex

  • Schedule Apex

  • Deployment Tools in Apex

  • Working with Salesforce Data

  • Custom Metadata Types

  • Platform Events

  • Asynchronous Apex

  • Testing and Debuggings

  • Basics tags in Visualforce pages

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I -Summer '21
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