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Salesforce Admin Certification (CRT-101) Practice Tests

Sharpen your skills with 3 full practice tests that mimic the real CRT-101 certification exam
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Take and pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification (CRT-101) exam.

Are you ready to pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification (CRT-101) exam? Find out by experiencing what it is like to take the actual exam. Each of the 3 full practice tests in this set has been hand-crafted and modeled after the official Administrator Certification Study Guide from Salesforce to improve your odds of passing the exam on your first attempt.

The tests in this set are timed at 90 minutes each, so you’ll know when you’re taking more time than the official test allows. You will also receive your total final score and section level feedback at the end of each test so you can pinpoint areas that need more of your time and focus. By enrolling in this course today, you’ll avoid costly re-scheduling fees and take the actual exam with confidence.

This is the only Salesforce Administrator Certification (CRT-101) Practice Test course. Based on years of experience, the instructor can vouch that these practice exams are as close as you can get to taking the actual certification exam. The instructor also has experience training hundreds of people around the world, in addition to authoring several books. In short, he understands how to design tests and prepare students for the actual certification exam.

These tests have been carefully designed by taking into consideration both the emotional and stress factors a test taker experiences when sitting for a timed test. That’s why the interactive, section level feedback is geared towards expediting your test preparedness process.

So, don't be fooled by other test ‘preparation’ exams!

You can retake the tests in this course at any point as well as interact with the instructor if you need further clarity on any question or topic. In addition to receiving interactive feedback with each question, you'll receive detailed explanations on why certain answers are correct and others aren’t. You’ll also be provided with links to additional resources, and the questions will be updated on an ongoing basis to stay current with the latest releases of Salesforce.

Salesforce Admin Certification (CRT-101) Practice Tests
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