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Sales Fire: B2B Sales & Business Development for Startups

The Ultimate Sales Methodology for Business Development & B2B Sales to Learn Sales Strategy, Sales Skills & Deal Closing
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Students will master the step-by-step Sales Fire Methodology to consistently close deals with anyone
Students will learn how to build their own "Sales Map" and develop their own sales and business development strategy to scale their business
How to understand the psychology of why people buy and how to influence others emotionally
The best way to pitch your product/service and close deals without sounding "sales-y"
How to become more persuasive and influential in your everyday life
How to exponentially grow your startup using the most advanced sales and business strategies the top Silicon Valley startups use


No matter how amazing your product or service, if don’t have the right sales mindset, strategy, & tactics to convince others to buy into your vision and generate revenue, how will your business survive?

And building business relationships and generating sales is typically the most difficult part about growing your startup.

Most people aimlessly go into sales meetings without clear plan, force their products or services onto their prospects, and go home empty handed wondering why they didn’t close the deal.

As you know, this can be a huge waste of time.


Fortunately, I’ve created a PROVEN methodology specifically for startups and B2B businesses to master the art of sales and close more deals. And it’s called Sales Fire.

Unlike other courses, Sales Fire is the COMPLETE BLUEPRINT the top Silicon Valley companies use to develop their sales skills and exponentially grow their businesses.

As long as you use our proven Sales Fire Methodology (which I’ll show you how to do step by step), you’ll be able to close a deal with anyone!

Here are some of the many things I’ll cover for you in this course that trains on how to turn a complete stranger into a paying customer from start to finish:

  • We’ll show you how to build your own scalable sales process to consistently close new customers

  • You’ll learn the psychology of why people buy and how to make your product/service irresistible for your target market

  • The best sales strategies and tactics the top companies use to build their sales team from scratch and generate more revenue

  • How to write your own sales script that converts strangers into paying customers

  • The best way to pitch your idea and convince people to believe in you

  • How to get customers to buy emotionally and justify logically

  • How to close deals without using high pressure techniques

  • How to handle deal breaking objections and turn skeptics into buyers

  • Exactly how to run a successful business meeting

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to develop more business relationships and generate more sales whether you’re already familiar with business development & sales or if you’re just getting started.

I’ve personally tested all these bulletproof growth strategies myself with small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies in all types of industries like retail, real estate, health care, etc. as one the TOP sales people at Oracle and Y-Combinator backed startup, Lob.

I'm confident the Sales Fire Methodology WILL WORK for YOU to grow your business or your money back guarantee.

Now if you’re ready to take your sales skills to the next level, I’ll see you inside!


Sales Fire: B2B Sales & Business Development for Startups
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