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Sales Training: 30 Responses to Handle 30 Sales Objections

Sales Training: 30 responses to 30 objections. Gain the sales skills to handle objections and create your own responses
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Sales skills for B2C and B2B sales professionals, that will allow you to handle objections more effectively, close more sales, and increase your revenue.
Get familiar with the Top 30 Sales Objections, examining each one in detail and be equipped to convert any sort of prospect into a beneficial customer.
The ability to distinguish between a sales complaint and a sales objection and judge wisely.
How to recognize the potential in cold calls and make them a useful tool for generating genuine sales leads.
More efficient ways of handling objections than arguing with or ignoring your prospect that look extremely tough, annoying, or uninterested.
How to be a master in handling objections and turn your prospecting rounds into a fruitful and enjoyable experience rather than a burden or a nut tough to crack.
Effective sales skills that can help generate leads, even for your fresh startup with no track record.

Sales skills training has endowed you with many strategies, tactics and enough energy to go about on your prospecting rounds. But have you ever felt that there was still something missing that your course didn’t teach you? Have you ever fumbled for words when your prospective customer told you, “Your competitor gives us more features,” or felt let down and thought that it was the end with that customer when they said, “We don’t have any budget left.”? Then this course is especially for you.

A golden response to every ‘No’

This is an objection handling course; i.e., it will teach you how to overcome objections of your prospective customers. Objections may be annoying to you as a salesperson. However, the truth is that they are opportunities. This course teaches you the valuable sales skills of how to give a golden response to every ‘No!’ of your prospective customers so that they turn the customer in your favor and adds to your sales lead. There are numerous courses out there that teach you how to deal with the customer, but this Handling objections course teaches you how to go about even when you are denied an opportunity to deal with the customer, in the first place.

Sales objections vs. sales complaints

At this point, if you’re thinking, ‘Oh, I know all that!’ pause a moment. Maybe you have ‘Sales complaints’ on your mind? The course starts by addressing the Difference between Sales Complaints and Sales Objections. Because many out there think both are the same concepts. And many do not have an idea there are two such things which are totally different from each other and hence, have totally, totally different implications and impacts on your valuable prospecting time.

The psychology of the customer’s mind

It teaches you that “No does not necessarily mean ‘no’.” The quoted text is from Napoleon Hill. Many a time we all have wanted to know what the other person means when they say ‘No.’ It could even be an emphatic ‘Yes’ on a masquerading round, but then how do you know for sure? This objection handling course delves deep into the psychology or the thoughts of the customers. It explains outright what it really means when the customers say what they say. Then your sales journey becomes a path strewn with flowers.

Top 30 instances of Sales objections

The core part of the course is the 30 instances of Sales objections themselves detailed usefully at an application level so that it readily comes in handy for you in your business development endeavors. It tells you what happens when you lack the necessary sales skills to analyze the customer’s words and body language. You argue, you ignore. But how many times are you going to do it? Such an attitude, for sure, will fail you as a sales professional.

First, see it as a customer sees it

Sometimes, the customer is wrong, but they are not aware of it. And if you are going to tell them they are wrong, they may not like it and get more adamant with their stand. So, the best thing is to act on your part in such a way that they make a rethinking and arrive at the same conclusion that you wanted to convince them of in the first place. You cannot help your prospective customer without understanding their concerns. If you are looking for any business development at all, you have to think from their point of view first. This course teaches you the appropriate sales skills of how to do it!

The hidden treasure in the customer’s words

When you understand the secret hidden behind every word the customer utters, it will unlock a little window into their minds and thoughts. This mapping of words and thoughts have been done by me suitable for virtually any instance of Sales objection, so you don’t have to go through that strenuous process. Just be open to the course and imbibe all those valuable qualities that can help you in converting a sales objection into an excellent sales lead and become a master of remarkable Sales closing techniques.

‘What’ vs. ‘how’

This course doesn’t claim it would 10X your sales overnight, but will surely teach you some special sales skills that most courses don’t bother to. Of course, they all talk to you about it, without telling you how to actually deal with it. They tell you ‘What’ it is. And also ‘What is required’ of you in terms of handling it, or in other words, ‘What must be the outcome’. All of which is great and necessary, but they seldom talk to you about the ‘How’ of it – ‘How’ to handle it, and ‘How’ to bring about the outcome that is expected of you, whether it is end-customer sales or B2B sales.

The sales skills for winning every time

Then There are born salespersons and those who have acquired the skill through painstaking learning and stay in the game through continuous dedication in upgrading the knowledge they have earned. However, both have had to face instances of ‘No’ for an immediate response from their prospective customers, irrespective of it being a phone sales attempt or one in person. Some have failed there. Some have been successful in deciphering the customer’s words. This Handling objections course helps those failed candidates to see what they had been blind to. And for the remaining, it can help polish and hone the skills of hitting the target every time they throw the dart.


  • A heart that dreams big, and a mind that is ready for accepting the knowledge that can take you a step further on the ladder of progress.

  • An understanding that learning is a continuous process and updating yourself with an objection handling course can help boost your sales skills.

  • And finally, a basic knowledge of the fundamental concepts of sales as a professional as this Handling objections course will not teach the basic sales theory or practice.

What you will gain from the course

  • Ability to distinguish between a Sales complaint and a Sales objection.

  • The sales skills for converting a negative response of prospective customer into a sales lead with potential with the help of Top 30 examples of sales objections.

  • The possibility of looking at cold calls as not a useless waste of time, but a treasure of opportunities for multiple lead generations.

Why you should enroll for this course

  • Because this course will give you that one missing link, the lack of which could render most of the sales skills you learned useless.

  • Because you will be able to do more B2B sales closing after you learn the real tricks from this course.

  • Because you will be able to convert your cold calling efforts into valuable leads that can make a significant effect on your business development endeavors. Probably you will not have to abandon a prospective customer just because of a lack of knowledge of some simple yet valuable tips, which is exactly what this objection handling course offers you.

Who can benefit from this course

  • Any startup enterprise that understands the dynamic nature of sales in today’s world and wants to boost the sales skills of its employees.

  • Any professional who is in Sales and would like to learn more about B2B lead generation.

  • Anyone who has some experience in end-customer sales and have switched to B2B Sales.

  • Anyone who is seriously into business development, especially business development for startups and tech companies.

  • Any entrepreneur or freelancer professional looking to learn advanced sales skills.

Any aspirant sales professional who is new to the profession and dreams of making it big by learning and practising new sales skills, especially the ways of handling objections.

Sales Training: 30 Responses to Handle 30 Sales Objections
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