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Sales Training Course: Selling Skills Refresher Course

Total Sales Tune-Up In 34 Minutes Or Less.
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Learn when the key skills of the selling process typically erode so you can pre-empt them, identify what the symptoms are so you know if erosion is happening to you and relearn sales techniques which you can practice back at work.

This high-impact, rapid fire selling skills refresher course is vitally different from other sales training courses because it deals head on with the nitty gritty:

You'll learn to identify when each element of your sales skills tool kit is likely to erode or "go off the boil" so you can plan ahead to avoid any drop-off in your sales figures or those of the people who report to you.

You'll learn which symptoms to look out for if you suspect any elements of your selling ability (or those of your team) are dropping off.

You'll learn how to fix any elements of your sales tool kit that are operating below where you know you should be.

In little more than half an hour this super-practical course will empower you to stay at the top of your sales game or pull you back up to the head of the field if your numbers have started to drop.

This course was written for committed salespeople who need an instant tune-up - people who don't have time to lose.

My dynamic, short, selling skills refresher training programme focuses on reviving soft skills including questioning and listening, use of relevance-matched features & benefits, power vocabulary, trial closing, objection handling and final closing.

Then it seals the deal with specific sales mechanics to underpin those soft skills including the shelf-life of web leads, the steps of the sale and the latest information on planning and preparation.

If you've been selling for as little as six months or so long that you've seen it all before, grab this short training programme and use it as a super-fuel to turbo-charge your selling skills.

We're talking about a complete refurb of your sales skills in 34 minutes or less. What have you got to lose? Enrol now!

Sales Training Course: Selling Skills Refresher Course
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