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Sales - The skills to become a successful sales rep

The skills and traits of a modern sales rep. Learn how to prepare, negotiate and close sales with confidence
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The fundamental skills you need to master to succeed in in a modern sales role
How personal traits and emotions play a major role in sales
How to prepare and feel confident facing customers
The tools and process to negotiate and close sales
Understand the sales background and process
The perfect combination of attitudes, behaviour and knowledge in sales.

Course updated regularly

NEW practicing material:

Sales tests and Business cases to help you explore and apply knowledge. Very important to prepare you for real case situations and job interviews. Both with proposed solutions.

This training will provide you with the different sales skills you need to become a sales rep and understand the buying & selling process. It will equip you to face challenging purchasers and close sales with confidence by providing you solid sales skills background.

The training answers your questions and needs: How do I become a top sales rep?

The relevance of your appearance/image as a sales rep.

The role of empathy as a central pillar in sales negotiations

Selling by building relations and focus on the long term.

How persuasion can help you along the way in the sales process

The knowledge you need (Market, industry, products, trends) as a sales professional

The Negotiation skills and techniques to ensure you don't leave money on the table

This training is a masterclass on the commercial role (negotiation and closing deals)

Developing skills is the best investment you can make, so join the course and enhance your sales career.

Course updated.

Support material provided: There are several templates and documents in the bonus lecture at the end of the course that you can download for a better follow up and application of the learnings, and that includes my best seller book "Sales is my passion" available in the last section on ebook/pdf format.

Recently added: How this course can help your career evolution. Downloadable in the first lecture.

Some Testimonials:

Saurabh Gumber: "Yes, it is a 100 percent good match for me. "

Ratcliff K: "Professional and knowledgeable instructor, presenting in a very friendly way "

Arjen B: "Very good explanations and I like the way the instructor comes across"

LaQuadraStore: "I like the pragmatic way and practical approach "

Sales - The skills to become a successful sales rep
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