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Sales Success: Your First Sales Job

Get over the fear of starting in Sales, find the perfect job for you, successfully smash your first targets!
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How to FIND and GET your dream sales job
How to START and SUCCEED in your first sales job
INTERVIEW technique to succeed every time
Full knowledge of payment structures
Knowledge of what skills are required and how to gain then
Full understanding of what to expect in year one

Sales is an exciting, rewarding, and potentially lucrative career path that anyone can take with no qualifications or prior experience, but new recruits are often scared by the idea of cold calls, high-pressure sales meetings, and unachievable targets. Sales professional and prospecting coach Miles Croft explains why he considers a career in sales a 'cheat code to life' and how you can get started today.

This simple step-by-step guide gives clear and practical instructions on how to choose your perfect role, land the dream sales job, and then how to thrive in your first year in the job.

Detailed guidance on how to make the right decisions are all covered, such as;

  • Choosing the right industry

  • Deciding between an SME or large/enterprise business

  • Whether you should choose inside or outside/field sales jobs

  • Even the often complicated distinction between basic pay and commission bonuses.

This course will help you:

  • Choose your perfect role

  • Develop the necessary skills for success

  • Succeed in your job interview

  • Thrive in your first year

Sales Success: Your First Sales Job
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