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Beginners to Advanced Sales Success For Healthcare (Int)

How To Create Customer Value
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How to Build Balanced Behaviour for sales success by maximising customer value
Remind healthcare professionals that they have a responsibility and a duty of care for healthcare management
How to reduce customer anxiety and ensure they have memorable customer experience.
You will be able to discover why customer value unlocks your practice or clinic potential
How to offer more opportunities and add value with your products and services
Identify the REAL customer value in healthcare practice

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou

Healthcare industries generally occupy an interesting yet peculiar position within the world of healthcare. It is not totally medical, clinical, holistic or therapeutic, nor is it totally retail. It is all the above! As such it straddles worlds that of healthcare management, marketing and growing a sustainable yet successful business.

The industry is mired in the war between marketing and professionalism.

This course is unlike any other course you will find on helping customers buy your products or services and serving them authentically in your professional capacity.

It is different because it does not ask you to become something that you are not, nor does it require you to become ‘robotic’ and transactional in your offering as professional healthcare.

Instead, this three-part course introduces you finally at the advanced level of this course,  to a unique five secret patterns of behaviours that already exist naturally within.

Sometimes it pays to look within yourself and tap into your natural resources and unlimited potential.

Hidden Patterns of behaviour that once have been discovered will increase customer satisfaction, meet needs……and increase business revenue. It will make you more valuable to your business, guaranteed to keep you engaged and teach you how to build balanced behaviour that will impact your work , relationships ad life.

Here is what you will learn in the beginners course : Sales Success In Healthcare

Healthcare is a Special Type of Business   

         :  What makes healthcare  sales management different from retail sales  management

Foundation of Healthcare: ‘TRUST’     

        : The relationship with the patient is central in building trust. ‘Trust’ is a vital element of the relationship. 

Bridge the Gap Between Clinical and Retail Sales Management?­­­      

      :    Bridging the gap that exists between healthcare and retail……How we can transition smoothly from clinical functions into sales function in a natural way!   The person-centred approach provides the building blocks necessary to bridge the. gap

How to Use a Person-Centred Approach? 

     :   If care is to be centred, then what it looks like will depend on the needs, circumstances and preferences of the individual receiving the care.

In the intermediate course : We look at How To Create Customer Value

    We look at a tool that supports healthcare practitioners understand what patients & customers really, really, want and align products and services to meet those needs. 

Understanding  The 'Business' of Value

The stronger relationship you and your business can establish with your customer, the greater the potential for your business to increase revenue from that customer over time.

Also, satisfied customer help recruits new customer through positive word of mouth communication. And Long term customer create stability in business operations

Understanding Customer Value

Customer value will mean different things to different customers.

For example, a customer may value that delivery can be immediate hence delivery of an immediate solution.

For another customer, it could be a long-term immediate requirement!. Others will interpret the value in their own way. An example I am going on vacation and need a pair of quality sunspex!

In a sense, customer value is more important than the product mainly because value can be customised as necessary where ever there is a potential to fit.

Why Is Value In Healthcare  So important?

The goal of any business is to help customers to buy something that they need but don’t have, or to get rid of something they have, but don’t need or want, For example having a visual impairment is problematic on many levels.

The decision to buy, as mentioned previously, often depends on the level of trust given to us as health care professionals.

Creating a Competitive Advantage

Customer value is fundamental to the healthcare business long term survival and growth, and is the fundamental basis for all marketing activity also process.

Value add is important because it strengthens performance and creates a competitive advantage in many ways.

Delivering an Integrated Customer Experience

Another vital component of customer focus is providing an integrated experience. As healthcare practitioners, the next step is to map the customer’s activities and then work backward to decide what value is needed in the customer experience, when and who should deliver it and how.

Principles Of Value Creation

The following lessons will introduce you to some great tools and proven concepts that will support healthcare practitioners understand what patients and customers really, really want, and how to align their products and services to meet those needs wants and desires.

Also, we consider how to implement the creation of value-added products, services using proven principles that show healthcare industries how they can position themselves for customer success!

Bonus Section

In Advanced Course we dive deep: Success Habits of An Authentic Healthcare Profession

·  Change How You Think:

  “If you are a buyer and you’ve got as much information as the seller, the new caveat is seller beware not buyer beware!

(Daniel pink)

How to Be Your Own Best Friend:

Who Is The Most Important Person You Know? YOU! You are the most important person in your world!

Why? Because you spend 99% of your time thinking about yourself.

Use Your Head as Much as Your Heart: Empathy:

Empathy is an emotional response to do with feelings, where perspective-taking is about thinking the two often work alongside each other.

Meet Your Archetype Mentors   

The five-step sales process used in this course is a powerful and proven sales methodology that has been uniquely adapted to equip healthcare professionals with a simple, intuitive and systematic tool.

Natural Patterns of Behaviour for Sales Success

Archetypes are the secret forces behind human behaviour, because they reside in our unconscious—the part of our minds we aren’t aware of—they influence us without us knowing it.

 . Discover your natural pattern of sales behaviour

  . A guaranteed way to help people to buy your products and services

  . How to be authentic and natural in your sales

And much, much more


Beginners to Advanced  Sales Success For Healthcare (Int)
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