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Become Sales Strong and Realize Peak Sales Performance

Creating the Mindset of a Top Achiever for Outstanding Sales Success
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Apply the 5 Step Success Process to your sales career as well as life.
Face every sales situation with confidence and clarity.
Identify the 5 major beliefs that hold most sales people back.
Create a vision and mission for your professional career.
Live every day Sales Strong!
Manage your day more effectively and efficiently.
Increase your sales results by at least 25%

Let’s face it, being an elite salesman or saleswoman is not for the weak minded or the faint hearted…

Of course, selling something that people actually want or need is vital, but if you lack the motivation, the fearless determination and most importantly, a strong mindset and belief system, then making sales will be a constant uphill battle. In the end, you’ll eventually lose out if proper action is not taken to change your mental parameters. 

The beautiful thing about being in sales is that if you’re deeply passionate about it, but lack the missing piece of the puzzle (which is an unbreakable mindset)…you can STILL win in the sales game. Not all is lost. There IS hope.

“When you can equip yourself with a laser-targeted and rock-solid mindset in sales, it will give you the competitive advantage that will not only make sales much easier for you…but it’ll also give you the opportunity to CRUSH your competition.”

In fact, we believe that a strong sales mindset is the secret key that not only fuels your own competitive advantage, but is also the key that unlocks true success in sales. We also believe that any intervention that claims to draw on psychology needs to be able to demonstrate an authentic evidence base.

In the excellent new course, Sales Strong, you’re about to discover what you need to not only take your sales mindset to an elite new level of success, but also your own personal confidence, to help you achieve great profitability in the sales arena.

To put it simply, this course has been created to make you mentally strong in sales and to help you naturally develop the proper mindset for lasting success.

The Sales Strong course is divided into 3 parts including:

Part One: The Fundamentals

Part Two: Mindset

Part Three: A Professional Development Plan

The majority of people who struggle in the sales field need help overcoming the ‘head and stomach’ problems that skills training won’t solve on its own. In fact, it’s ignored by the majority of sales trainers simply because they have no clue how to help salespeople to overcome this vital weakness.

These unsolved mental blocks can include…

  • The Fear of Rejection
  • The Inner Need For Approval
  • Call Reluctance
  • Low Money Tolerance
  • The Fear of Getting Emotionally Involved
  • Being Uncomfortable About Money Talk
  • Low Self-Esteem and Personal Confidence
  • Lacking Direction and Motivation
  • Not Being Goal Oriented
  • Lacking That Killer Sales Instinct
  • Making Excuses For Everything

Unleashing The Real Power of BELIEFS For Sales Mastery…

Ask any great saleswoman or salesman in history and they’ll all tell you that being told “NO” means you’re moving one critical step closer to a “YES”. In fact, when they look at the big picture of things, they understand that for every amount of X “No’s” they will receive X “Yes’s”. They keep a close score. They know their numbers like clockwork.

“Sales is like a sport in and of itself. There are sales ‘goals’, there’s a playing field of ‘competition’, and of course…there are ‘winners and losers’.”

Baseball legend Yogi Berra once said in his always-present comedic way: “90% of baseball is mental. The other half is physical.” Although his math was purposely skewed in the quote, Yogi was a smart man and he understood that the mental side of success in baseball was THE most important component.

You could be the greatest physical athlete baseball had ever seen, but without a rock-solid and winning mindset, you’d never succeed. The same holds true in the game of sales. Even if you know your product inside and out, blindfolded, and also practiced every sales presentation or studied only the best books on sales…if you still lack the right mental attitude and fortitude for success…you’ll still lose.

At the most fundamental level, the keys to your sales success are:

  • Key #1: Knowing Your Product and Market
  • Key #2: Having The Right Mental Attitude
  • Key #3: Having The Right Sales Beliefs

#1 is the easiest, #2 and #3 is where the majority of people in sales fail…and fail badly. This means great opportunity for you!

The power of belief and the right mental attitude is everything when it comes to sales…

The best salespeople on the planet treat every “NO” as fuel to drive them… The worst salespeople on the planet let every “NO” deflate and defeat them.

The power of belief is the difference between adequate and GREATNESS. It’s the great divider of success and failure. It may seem that some people are born with the right power of belief, but it’s simply not true. It’s a skill, and it’s one that is always learned and mastered.

This means you have the opportunity to instill the right power of belief and mental attitude to succeed in sales, no matter how “lacking” you may feel. This vital power of belief spills over into 4 essential cornerstones to help support your success in sales.

These 4 cornerstones are:

  • Cornerstone #1: Believing In Your Product or Service
  • Cornerstone #2: Believing In Your Sales Training
  • Cornerstone #3: Believing In Your Company
  • Cornerstone #4: Believing In YOURSELF

Believing in your product, your sales training and even your company can be very easy. But truly believing in your yourself, your abilities, your potential and more can be the most difficult and that’s what you’ll learn to master in the Sales Strong course.

“Believing in yourself is the most important cornerstone for success. It sets the stage for ALL success. Without it, failure is immanent. This holds true in life, in sports…and also in sales.”

Great salespeople don’t let circumstances dictate their emotions, their actions or even who they are. Their belief system is what moves them towards success. They look beyond a poor economy, cutthroat competition, difficult customers or even a slump in sales. They hold firmly on to their beliefs in their product, their training, their company…and most of all, themselves.

·   They also make the most difficult times a learning ground to grow and to become even better at what they do.

·   They create their own successful reality by shunning negative forces that may try to derail them on the tracks to success.

·   They understand that in sales, the power of belief is everything and they use it to their advantage in every action they take.

The Sales Strong course will teach you what it takes to not only fully believe in yourself, but it will help you properly build the RIGHT mental foundation to have success in sales.

Imagine reframing everything you see as a failure, as another step to success. Imagine being able to talk confidently about the product or service that you are selling, in such a way that people WANT to buy from you. Imagine being able to weather all the storms and negativity that will come your way, and come out the other side as a successful salesperson?

You’ll learn what it takes to become SALES STRONG once and for all. This is the course that holds the keys to your future sales success, and beyond.

Here’s what you’ll get in this complete course when you join today…

  • The 5 Step Success Process
  • Principles of Success
  • Sales Success Code
  • The 7 Step Sales Process
  • 8 Key Principles to be Sales Strong
  • Complete Professional Development Plan (over 80 pages)
  • Self-Hypnosis Audio to Improve Sales Performance
  • Much More!
Become Sales Strong and Realize Peak Sales Performance
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