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Sales Skills Training: The client is NOT a King anymore

Sales training! Get back your confidence and lift your sales skills on another level! Sales are not only "yes sir" game.
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Master the art of saying NO in different sales situations
Define the types of clients that are used to cross the NO line
Save time and money from bad clients
Get more confident in Buisness sales skills and Life
Lower the stress in the work
Empower their sales skills training

Get back Your Confidence Today with the Power of NO defense sales system!

The Sales skills you should master in this training to stand out your oppinion in the sales and in the life!

- Annoying clients! - NO more!

- Sales negotiation headache! - NO more!

- Prospects twisting your hads! - NO more!

- Need to throw the garbage at home! - NO more ;) 


Hello, my name is Grigor Yovov!  

Today, we are living in a world where the client is a king!  

The customers are used to hear only YES to their wishes and expectations during the sales process!   

The problem is that not all the think the customers believe are right are really good for them.  

Actually some of them could destroy your business and sales, in such a cases you should know when and how to say NO.   

As example I have digital marketing business in the last 7 years.  

One of the services we are offering is the SEO, search engine optimization.    

Often there are clients requests that insist we should take the commercial risk of selling their services on our side.  

What basically this means is that we should be responsible, not only for the ranking positions of their website in Google, but also for the sales.  

At this point they get a big fat NO!  

And this is because the sales are much more then SEO, they are the overall marketing, pricing and serving strategy of the company.  

The sales are even the person that picking up the phone in their store.  

And NO!  

We are not in charge of all this!  

Over the years I specialized myself dealing with such clients.  

And I believe a lot of people dealing with sales have similar problems.  

That’s the reason I decide to create this course.  

I’ll share my knowledge and experience with you and will help you to build your confidence in the sales process. 

At the end of the course you will be able to set the best timing and placing of your NO line and save a lot of time and efforts dealing with annoying clients. 

Let’s begin!  

Sales Skills Training: The client is NOT a King anymore
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