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Sales Psychology Certification

Learn how to use consumer and behavioural psychology to increase your sales
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Learn the secrets that make people want to buy your products or services

If you work in sales or have your own business, this course is for you...

Learn the secret to what makes people buy, and what turns them off!

Selling can be a struggle and, if you have your own business, it can be particularly hard as your livelihood is tied up in how many people you can get to buy your products and services and you get to learn pretty quickly that YOU are your business.

If people aren't buying from you or if you struggle to sell and market your products effectively, this course can help.

Find out what makes people want to click the buy button and what causes them to run for the hills!

Sales psychology teaches you how to dig deep into people's personalities, behavior and the emotional triggers that make them want to buy or not and this course will teach you the main psychological principles that can improve your sales and help you create the perfect marketing copy that your potential clients will love.

What you will learn:

*What motivates someone to buy

*What will stop someone buying from you

* How to position your products or services to help people buy

* How to effectively price your products and services

* Effective strategies you can use to improve conversions on your website and adverts

* and much more...

This is a beginner's course and is targeted at those of you who are new to sales or who have a business that is struggling and you want to know how to get more people to buy from you.

This course is not for experienced marketers as you will likely know most of this anyway.

If you need help with your sales and you want to learn the secret to what really makes people buy then take a look at my intro videos and, if you like what you see, I'd love you to join me in this valuable course.

You will get a Udemy certificate of completion when you successfully complete this course, which you can use for CPD.

**Comes with a handbook you can download from the resources section before you start the course so you can make notes as you go along**

Best Wishes

Angie xx

Sales Psychology Certification
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