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Become an Expert Sales Professional in the 21st Century

Essential tools for 21st Century Selling
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Sales is the Life Blood of any Business.As a sales professional,you have one of the most important jobs in the industry. Nothing happens for your company or business until you make a sale.Without any-sales,there is no reason for a business to exist.Everyone in the company,from the president to the accountant,is completely dependant on you,for their employment and income.Thus,your ability to sell is crucial in determining the success of any business.I have put together my learnings from  my sales experience and knowledge of NLP Neuro-Liguistic-Programming to form a Basic guide for Beginners,Aspiring and   Experienced Sales Professionals alike.

The course starts starts from  Prospecting, qualifying potential clients, establishing value, handling objections, moving the sale forward (including closing),   To  helping clients implement and achieve value . It guides  the student on the softkills required to succeed in the sales profession.

Become an Expert Sales Professional in the 21st Century
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