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Sales - How To Sell To Big Brand Businesses

Learn from one of London's top production companies! Our professional guide can help you successfully sell to businesses
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What pitfalls to avoid to ensure your success.
We cover the key strategies you can use to win business
What you need to do in order for big brands to buy your services
How and why they buy – what are their decision making processes
What safeguards to include to close the deal each and every time

‘Learn from one of London's top production companies’

About this course: 

This course is about how to win business with big brand businesses. This is a strategic course. It describes actual strategies and principles which you can take away and use, which have generated huge success for us over the years and allowed ESA to grow from a tiny corporate video producer to a global production company. This course goes beyond the usual sales courses which deal with aspects of selling, such as cold calling. We will outline key strategies and techniques which we have been using and still use to win the business of big brand businesses globally.

The difference between this course by ESA Films and other similar courses is that we are actually doing what we’re teaching everyday for some of the world’s leading agencies internationally.

Not to mention, this course takes out all the risk. We will actually be giving you our working model for success. So all you need to do to quickly recoup the cost of your investment in this course is to apply the model and take action.

Using our step by step system we’ll guide you through the process of understanding how big business buy products and services and how they make their decisions so you can win that business too.  

So what will we be covering:

  • Key strategies for selling to big business
  • The ideas model strategy of generating business
  • Understanding the different types of buyers you might encounter
  • The system of networking through a big business
  • Understanding network cogs
  • The back door system of winning business
  • Effectively using Linkedin
  • The low budget strategy
  • The bid department strategy
  • The tests and samples strategy
  • The social media strategy
  • The events strategy
  • Creating a sole supplier agreement to supply exclusively to a big business
  • The importance of developing your personal power
  • The psychology of successfully selling to big business


Angelique Rodrigues

Creative Producer, Course Co-Author and Presenter

Mitchell Brown

Principle and Course Co-Author

Dave Irving

Head of Digital Marketing, and Course Co-Author

Zah Ahmad

Director, Course Co - Author

Sales - How To Sell To Big Brand Businesses
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