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Sales Funnel Mastery: The Bridge Page Sales Funnel

Increase conversions. Take email optins from free to paid in seconds. Use my sales scripts & ClickFunnels sales funnels.
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You will know how to build a bridge funnel.
You will know how to setup a squeeze page that has HIGH sales funnel conversion rates.
You will know how to create a complete & working sales funnel.
You will know how to setup a simple & long-form sales page.
You will know how to use the WWWH & SSS Scripts in your sales funnel to sell your front-end offer.
You will know how to setup your OTOs (One Time Offers) so you don't tick off customers when you ask them to purchase something else RIGHT AFTER the initial sale.
You will know how to position your One Time Offer Funnel.
You will know how to email your audience daily & communicate effectively with them in this sales funnel mastery course.
You will know why you should email your list daily through this sales funnel course.

The Bridge Page: Take a FREEBIE email optin from the "free-free-free mindset" to "I'm ready to buy" in just 1-2 minutes.

This course is going to take you on a journey very similar to the one I take my students and their teams on. It’ll help you understand how to structure your sales funnel and each page therein (even if you're an affiliate) in a way that’ll allow you to make two to three times more money from the same exact traffic that you are getting right now. And when you follow these steps, you will open these floodgates, allowing you to spend more money to get a lot more new customers; which translates into exponential growth.

This course will show you how to communicate and socially connect with your customers in a way that makes them, quite naturally, want to ascend up your Value Ladder where you can offer more valuable services in return for more money. You will be creating a culture of buyers for your company with these methods.

The entire idea is to make your products, services, and ideas so easy to buy that people almost “unconsciously” go through your entire catalogue of products by the time they hit the “exit” button in their browser; which makes me recall all the times I’ve heard Mark say…

“Make your product easier to buy than your competition, or you will find your customers buying from them, not you.”  – Mark Cuban

When you implement each secret, you’ll transform your business and website from a flattened, two-dimensional company into a three-dimensional marketing and sales machine that allows you to finally outspend competitors, acquire an almost unlimited number of customers, make more money, and most importantly, reach more people than ever before.


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sales funnel is the path that a customer is taken through to purchase a product.

If you are making money through affiliate marketing or network marketing and you DO NOT have a website, then you WILL want to AT LEAST have a sales funnel.

There is no ifs, buts, whys or maybes. It is simply a must! 

If you do already have a sales funnel, but you are not getting the sales that you want, then you may want to consider adding a bridge page.

What Is A Bridge Page?

A bridge page is webpage that comes after a capture page, but before the sales page.

It is a powerful conversion booster that every good marketer must use in his or her online marketing efforts.

Before I used a bridge page, my sales funnel would take the prospect from the capture page, straight to the sales page.

What this did, was that it did not pre-frame the prospect with what they were going to expect when they landed on the sales page.

However after I included a bridge page in my sales funnel, it gave me the opportunity to talk to the prospect one on one.

What you need to understand, when doing affiliate marketing and network marketing, it is all about building a relationship with the prospect.

A bridge page will help you to do that.

So you may want to explain what the offer is to your prospect before they visit your sales page.

This way they get a better understanding of the offer from someone who has already used it.

It also gives you the opportunity to offer your visitors bonus content. You really want to stand out from the rest!

What To Include On Your Bridge Page?

Now a bridge page should not be a distraction so keep it very simple.

The only purpose a bridge page serves, is to introduce yourself and your offer/product to the prospect.

The bucket loads of texts and images is not necessary.

Again, K.I.S.S! (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and no, you are not at all stupid. LOL

#1 Introduce Yourself

If you are in network marketing or affiliate marketing and you have to build a “team”, then introducing yourself to the prospect would be a great starting point.

Tell your story on this page. Video is best but if you are afraid of video, then text.

Honestly for best results, I would recommend video.

The Entrepreneur, said it best in Did Video Kill Text Content Marketing?

By introducing yourself you are:

  • Allowing the visitor to get to see who they will be working with.

  • It also gives them a chance to see if you are genuine. Most times a video can tell A LOT about a person. You can tell whether the person is speaking from a script or whether they are speaking from the heart.

  • You want to be as confident as you can. Even if you know nothing about your industry or you are a beginner, you want to act like you know what you are talking about.

  • You will also give the visitor the chance to know you. People like to join others who they can resonate with. Be as truthful as you can! Speak about where you came from, your struggles, what you did before you bought the product or joined the opportunity.

  • Transferring trust from the video to the visitor. Essentially breaking the ice. This helps to MASSIVELY increase sales in your business.

#2 Make An Offer

Another good point is to make an irresistible offer to your visitor. Why should they buy from you of all people?

Remember, this prospect has probably seen many capture pages before yours.

Give them a reason to want to take out their credit card and buy from YOU.

This is what singles you out, because you took that step to show them something which the other hundred marketers did not.

Your offer could be:

  • Free training

  • A free report related to the niche

  • A free complimentary product to help them

  • A free 30 minute on-boarding call

#3 Do A Review 

If you have a product to sell then you may want to include a demonstration or review of the product.

Do not just buy the product and review it.

Use the product and speak about the benefits of it, how it affected you and what type of results you got.

You obviously want to be positive in your remarks but giving some constructive criticism on the product can boost your credibility.

It shows that you are not particularly biased to the product and are willing to carefully scrutinise it for your audience so they can make an informed decision as to whether the product is for them.

When you do a review you have a much higher chance of closing the sale.

#4 Add Testimonials

Testimonials are another good thing to add to your bridge page.

Whilst the sales page may have its own testimonials, it helps to reinforce to the buyer what other people are saying about the offer or product with your own testimonials. Too many testimonials can’t hurt right?

According to Internet Marketing Ninjas your prospects see testimonials as recommendations from friends.

If a product is great enough for a bunch of people, who the prospect knows nothing about, then surely it can be good for them.

Anything that you can use to persuade the visitor to become an instant buyer is always a great thing to implement.

Adding a bridge page can help model the visitors’ opinions of the offer or product and assist them in making up their mind whether they will become a buyer.

So if you are an affiliate marketer or a network marketer and there seems to be a slump in your sales, the first thing you want to do is:

Use a marketing system to build your sales funnel. My recommended choices are Clickfunnels or LeadPages.

Design a sales funnel with your product or offer in mind.

Include a bridge page within your sales. It goes between the capture page and the sales page.

Launch your sales funnel and monitor your conversions.

For more details,lets meet inside !

Sales Funnel Mastery: The Bridge Page Sales Funnel
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