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Sales force ADM-201 Administration Essentials Practice Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) Where can a system administrator to go if you are trying to determine why a user can not access to Salesforce? (Select all that apply)

a) The list of History access to user actions

b) The user's profile

c) Manage Users | login History

d) Call salesforce.com Support

Q) What should a system administrator user to disable an application for a group of users?

a) Rules sharing

b) web boards

c) page layout

d) Profiles

Q) To prevent an outside normal working hours to access the Salesforce org user, the system administrator would do this:

a) The user records

b) user registration profile

c) Network Settings

d) The role hierarchy

e) None of the above

Q) If a user attempts to log in outside the IP range specified in their profile, the result will be.

a) They will be recorded as normal

b) They will have to reset your password

c) They will be asked to turn on your computer

d) They will be denied access

Q) When a user logs in for the first time in Salesforce, the following takes place (all that apply)

a) A cookie is placed in their browser

b) Pop ups are automatically disabled

c) Their IP address is added to a list of trusted

d) You are prompted to answer a security question

Sales force ADM-201 Administration Essentials Practice Exam
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