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The Ultimate Marketing Training 2020 - Sales Copy Academy

10X Your Sales Using The Secrets of the Most Successful Companies in History
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Sell anything to anyone using specific selling techniques
Discover the 16 basic human needs and how to use them in your marketing to make your offer irresistible
Master the 3-step formula to selling that big corporations are using to make billions
Learn what the 16 sale triggers are and how to use them to trigger specific reactions to your customers
Create a sales page from start to finish using a 30-step formula that works
Have a greater understanding of what makes people buy and how to trigger a purchase decision
Use Coca-Cola's rapid expansion secret (very few people know this one)
Get any product and present it in such a way that makes it irresistible
Choose the right colors in your marketing in order to trigger different emotions in your prospects' minds


Do you want to learn how to psychologically influence people to buy anything?

Professional marketers and big companies have been doing it for decades. How? By using proven methods and formulas to get people to DESIRE their products.

I've developed a course that will show you how to take any product and advertise it in such a way that leaves NO CHOICE to the reader but to buy it. 

You will be taken through a step-by-step formula that will teach you everything you need to know to start selling anything to anyone within days.


  • The 16 Human Needs
    These are the 16 primary human needs that we’re all born with and are behind 99% of our buying decisions. You will not only learn what they are but also how to USE them to almost guarantee a sale.

  • The 3-Step Formula To Selling
    Did you know that most sales follow a very specific formula with only 3 steps? Inside the Academy, you will learn how to apply it for any type of product.

  • Coca-Cola's Rapid Expansion Secret
    In one of the training videos inside the Academy, you will learn the one incredibly simple trick the founder of Coca-Cola used to expand his small company into every part of the globe.

  • 11 Secrets of Great Advertising
    You will discover 11 of the most effective methods of selling that the top advertisers use over and over again to sell billions of products every year.

  • Apple's Techniques for Sensational Sales Pages
    Learn how to create sales pages that people will drool over by one of the best companies in the world. In this series of 6 videos, you will learn what makes Apple’s sales pages and ads so attractive and how to use their techniques for your products.

  • The 30-Step Formula To A Great Sales Page
    If you’re going to sell something online you NEED to create a sales page. This 3-part video series will teach you everything you want to know how to do this easily and correctly. I can guarantee you that if you follow these 30 steps you will have a sales page that sells more copies of your copies than most sales pages out there today.

  • Which Colors Sell The Most
    When it comes to selling, no color is created equal. In our ‘Best Selling Colors‘ video, you will discover precisely which colors to use to sell the most products possible.

  • Much much more...


  • Complete Sales Persuasion Training in 8 Modules & 40 Videos
    Discover the secrets of the world’s top marketers and become able to sell anything to anyone.

  • The FULL 30-Step Formula To A Killer Sales Page
    Follow me as I go through the step-by-step process of putting together a sales page that outperforms all others by 95%

  • The 5, Never Before Available Exclusive Bonuses
    Receive the 5 sales and marketing ebooks mentioned below that are exclusive to members of the Sales Copy Academy. These alone worth $385. Get them now for FREE.

By becoming a student of the Academy you will get access to these amazing bonuses...

  1. 35 Split Test Conversions Winners

  2. Killer Sales Page and Ads Checklist

  3. 43 Fill-The-Gap Headline Templates That Make You Money

  4. 100 Best-Selling Power Words

  5. How To Create A Digital Product

I created the Sales Copy Academy to help you make money and succeed. And I know that sometimes, a little help is needed.

So if you decide to join the Academy you will also get 24/7 direct access to me via the course discussion board.

As great as all the content in the Academy is, there's nothing like real human interaction. Someone to ask questions and get advice.

Once you join I will give you my personal email address that you can contact anytime you need help with something. I'll even review your sales pages and ads and tell you how to improve them.

The point I'm trying to make is this: You don't have to go at it alone.  I am here to help you :)

The Ultimate Marketing Training 2020 - Sales Copy Academy
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