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Sales Cloud Consultant Certification: Rapid Exam Prep

Prepare for the Salesforce Sales Cloud exam using video practice exam questions
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Anticipate the likely topics on the Sales Cloud Consultant Exam
Identify weak areas to focus extra study time
Ultimately, score a passing grade on the Sales Cloud Certification Exam!

This course will help you to pass the Sales Cloud Consultant Salesforce Certification exam. Prepare to be challenged by 60 sample test questions with video explanations of the correct and incorrect answers. These questions are designed to be tougher than the real exam, so once you master these questions, you can take the real exam with confidence.

Take this course if:

  1. You are preparing for the Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification Exam
  2. You want to save study time and only focus on areas where you need help
  3. You want to prep with an instructor who wrote and edited questions on actual Salesforce exams


  • Salesforce Administrator Certification - Required to get the certification and to understand this course
  • Understanding of Salesforce terminology - If you don't know what a workflow rule is, you are not ready for this course.
  • Some experience configuring Sales Cloud functionality and familiarity with features

Course Format:

This course is organized to match the Salesforce-published exam study guide. We walk through sample questions grouped by each of the topic areas in the study guide:

  1. Industry Knowledge
  2. Implementation Strategies
  3. Sales Cloud Solution Design
  4. Marketing and Leads
  5. Account and Contact Management
  6. Opportunity Management
  7. Sales Productivity
  8. Communities and Site Management
  9. Sales Cloud Analytics
  10. Integration and Data Management
Sales Cloud Consultant Certification: Rapid Exam Prep
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