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Sales - A non technical way of selling

Sales- A non technical way of selling
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Sales techniques
Sales strategy
Marketing methodology
Personal development
Negotiation skills
Pitching structure in sales

A course based on real life experience and events, designed to teach a mechanism, a strategy taking the sales process from the ground up in  order to achieve the goal of closing the deal.

We"ve all been trained before, and it was ...boring. We've all been in endless sessions of games ...with corporate terms and loads of cliches. Me personally...well.....I don't like them. So I won't use them. I have a simple clear path in which I share techniques, methods and real life examples to make myself clear and understood; to help you develop your skills and I want to interact with my audience by giving advice and feedback on all real life situations.

I won't give you the absolut truth in sales...but I will give you options and different point of views in order for you to find your own way to get the job done.

We're all different so....for each and everyone of us...there are specific things that work..and that don't. My job trough the course is to give you tools and options to choose from, and help you by giving you feedback every time you get in touch with me.

At the end of this course, in the last movie you will find 2 homework also (don't worry, it will be fun) and we'll debate we'll learn all ups and downs in every situation.


Sales - A non technical way of selling
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