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Safeguarding Children from Abuse

Making sure we get it right
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Making sure we get it right when responding to actual or suspected child abuse is important, and that is what this course is all about

Neil Thompson is a well-known and highly respected UK author. He is also a highly experienced child protection professional who has been providing education, training and consulting services for over 30 years. In this course, he draws on his vast experience to offer helpful guidelines on how to respond when abuse is suspected and/or confirmed.

There are two aspects to the course. In the first one the emphasis is on how to recognize abuse, what tell tale signs to look out for. It introduces a helpful framework to guide you in knowing what to look out for and what to do if abuse seems to be possible or likely. In the second aspect, the focus switches to what needs to happen after abuse has come to light and a protection plan needs to be developed and implemented.

We owe it to abused children to get it right whenever we can, and so this course has an important part to play in making sure that people involved in child protection services are well informed and confident in their approach.

This course will be of immense value in reducing anxiety and offering clear practice guidance. It offers important insights into the complex world of child protection.

Safeguarding Children from Abuse
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